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Revving Up the NXT in Fan Experiences

The motorsport industry has always been known for its high-octane action, adrenaline-fueled racing, the roar of powerful engines, and the thunderous sound of cheering fans. In recent years, this industry has seen a revolution powered by technology that has changed the way we perceive and experience motorsports. From virtual reality (VR) to live data analytics, the motorsport industry is embracing emerging solutions that can enhance the fan experience like never before even as they ensure sustainability. In fact, these next-gen technologies are helping increase focus on green mobility.

With the global push towards sustainability and eco-friendly practices, the motorsport industry has had to adapt and innovate to meet the changing needs of this world. In this digital age, as fans we are looking for more than just the game-day experience; we want to feel connected to our favourite teams and athletes in a more personal way.

Sustainability on the Tracks: Tech Mahindra on Green Mobility

As sustainability remains a pressing issue, many companies are stepping up to make a difference. Tech Mahindra is at the forefront of driving this revolution with its expertise in green mobility – helping develop next-generation, state-of-the-art green automotive solutions. For one, we are leveraging a dynamic and unique eRace track analytics platform, which uses live analytics, wind tunnel simulations, and AI-powered systems to design and test new technologies.

It is through our expertise and niche positioning in engineering services that we bring in enhanced performance management through alternative component design, lighter new materials, aerodynamics simulations, hyper cloud compute power and racetrack telemetry analytics. By utilizing these technologies, we are striving to create more efficient and sustainable vehicles that will help reduce the carbon footprint and promote a greener future.

Teaming Up with Mahindra Racing to Fuel Innovation in the Circuit and Beyond

Our partnership with Mahindra Racing is a prime example of our commitment to revolutionizing the fan experience in motorsports, sustainably. Mahindra Racing is breaking barriers and setting new standards in the racing world with their dedication to clean energy and electric vehicle technology. An impressive investment in research and development has allowed them to bring innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology to the track, delivering an unforgettable experience for fans. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is helping us lead the way in revolutionizing the industry. With a deep expertise in electric vehicle engineering, Mahindra Racing is taking motorsports to new heights, creating thrilling and environmentally conscious experiences, and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Gen3 car presents the greatest challenge to Mahindra Racing and is the fastest, most agile, and complex race car seen within Formula E to date. Merging an electrically driven rear powertrain with a front axle mounted motor generator unit, the Gen3 car is capable of 350kW of forward drive power and a combined 600kW of braking power with over 40% of the total race energy produced through regenerative braking. This presents a need to leverage cutting-edge data capture and processing techniques to increase accuracy, improve real-time decision-making capability, and ultimately provide a competitive advantage.

To achieve this, TechM is working together with Mahindra Racing so as to provide a bespoke data processing and analytics package that will provide engineers, drivers, and managers both at the track and within the factory the ability to consume and visualise vast amounts of data, faster, and more robustly than earlier.

Unlocking the Next Frontier of Fan Experiences with Fan NXT.NOW

With an intent to build and re-imagine experiences with a sense of purpose for Formula E audiences across the world, our Fan NXT.NOW framework will enable the next generation of digital fan experiences. Fan NXT.NOW will drive hyper-personalized data-driven fan experiences by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR)/ virtual reality (VR), and other cutting-edge technologies. Beyond the circuit, it is critical to engage with the fans and give them an experience that delights. Creating and building an NFT marketplace and taking Formula E to the metaverse will help in engaging the global fan base and building an experience driven digital eco system, which further creates opportunities for brands. Tech Mahindra’s Fan NXT.NOW will bring fans closer to the circuit than ever before! Fan NXT.NOW will enable fans to watch the race in metaverse, compete against their favourite drivers and digitally enable visits to the pit stop and racing circuit.

Propelling the Vision of One Mahindra for a Sustainable, Inclusive Future

The growing impetus on the adoption of electric vehicles off the track is also changing the game in racing – offering a cleaner and more efficient way to experience the thrill of the race. From the use of alternative fuels to reducing carbon emissions, the racing industry is taking the sustainability route while staying committed to delivering unparallel experiences.

Formula E technology resonates with our passion to drive the ultimate performance on the roads. Advanced high speed electric powertrains are already defining the roadmap for premium high speed luxury brands. Vertical lift technology for urban air mobility (e-VTOL) is also benefitting from similar thrust provisions. Additionally, techniques such as high energy utilization simulation and high power-range analysis models are now being utilized in vehicle powertrain design.

With Tech Mahindra leading the way with focussed investments in green mobility solutions, fans can expect electrifying experiences on the racetrack. Our vision of One Mahindra furthers this vision by integrating our world-class design expertise with innovation in green mobility. Our goal is clear – we are unlocking the NXT in the future of mobility and motorsports.

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Jagdish Mitra
President - India Business and Corporate Affairs, Tech Mahindra
Josef Holden
Performance Director, Mahindra Racing