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Rise For Good

Let me ask you a question: In almost half a year of working from home, have you ever lost track of the red letter days, and worked a whole day, only to later realize that it was a holiday? Friends in India, how did you celebrate the Republic Day (or other days of significance falling on a weekend) this year? Think of the coming Saturday –15th August 2020 – India’s 74th Independence Day. The point I’m trying to make isn’t alien to you: have our festivals and days of significance been reduced to just symbolism and time off, or are we still connected to the very purpose that they stand for? What difference would it make if festivals fell on weekdays instead of weekends?

Independence has different meanings for each one of us: I respect all. For me, it is primarily about three things: gratitude, mindfulness & legacy: gratitude for what our forefathers have put in for us to be born in a free country, mindfulness about using that privilege carefully, and a legacy to create for our children and theirs further.

For over ten years, Tech Mahindra has encouraged at least 10% of its associates to spend 10% of their free time in volunteering activities every month. The efforts of associates spending time with Tech Mahindra Foundation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes in schools and skills, have increased associate engagement and created a sizeable, long-lasting social impact.

The three tenets of Rise – accepting no limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change – have always inspired us to do more than just business. They have helped us become a Company with a Purpose first and think about people and the planet before profit. Rise (for Good) has been our mantra in business and beyond.

When TechM got certified as a Great Place To Work (GPTW) and was ranked among India’s (top 25) best places to work for in 2020, earlier this year, we felt a little extra weight on our shoulders: sure, it was appreciation for doing good work, but at the same time, also a nudge for doing better. Our response was the #ICelebrateForGood pledge.

#CelebratingEachMoment and #DrivingPositiveChange are two pillars of Tech Mahindra’s culture, that go hand in hand. Through the #ICelebrateForGood pledge, TechMighties commit to multiply the impact of their celebrations by choosing a cause close to their hearts – ranging from animal care to plantation drives, education to employability, elderly care to Covid-related initiatives – and make a meaningful difference around them, and thus #EmpoweringAllToRise (the third pillar).

Good intentions and work, meticulous bookkeeping and compelling storytelling is what we need more than ever today. I’d urge all of you to become hands-on workers, enthusiastic data professionals, and powerful storytellers.

Irrespective of your nationality, I invite all of you to Rise for Good for your community, company and country. All it takes is a minute and an hour. Go for it!

Wishing my Indian colleagues a very happy Independence Day and a great weekend.

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CP Gurnani
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tech Mahindra