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Scale at Speed with S/4HANA Business Transformation from Strategy to Execution

Organizations must address and adapt their business in the fast-evolving world of AI capabilities, global dynamics, and technological advancement. The need for the twin imperative of scale at speed has certainly accelerated with AI.

For example, in the manufacturing and automotive industry, we see the need for scale to manage global supply chain complexity with the economics of manufacturing products at scale, and the need for speed to meet consumer demand to consume more products as a service model together with change in consumer preferences of bundling of software-driven upgrade services.

The future vision for SAP Implementation, where early integration of automation and AI technologies play central role in delivering greater value and efficiency.

The success of ERP implementation depends on opportunities such as enabling business capabilities vital to the enterprise's future survival, prioritizing customer needs, real enterprise digital transformation, ensuring security and compliance are often at the forefront of our discussion.

This blog explains how businesses can scale S/4HANA implementation at speed effectively and derive value by bridging the gap between business strategy and technology execution.

S/4HANA Business Transformation from Strategy to Execution

Companies are increasingly facing intense pressures to create more and more value in a complex and dynamic business environment. The ability to turn strategy into reality while constantly innovating and adapting to change has become a competitive advantage.

To gain business confidence in the transformation and execution of SAP S/4HANA programs to increase speed, reduce risk and free up budget, below are the main considerations

  1. Decide migration path – Build a faster transformation roadmap by identifying architecture dependencies and complexity early
  2. Safe path to Go live – Plan and implement without business continuity risk by effectively planning technology modernization
  3. The smoother path to continuous value – Roll out faster and more efficiently 

The ERP-driven business transformation should remain relevant and supported through multiple years of operating plan cycles. This has highlighted the necessity of front-loading projects with early visibility of the working system and solutions as per the enterprise's unique needs.

Accelerating Business Transformation - Through Enterprise Architecture Framework

As businesses grow, so does complexity. The Enterprise architecture (EA) bridges the gap by mapping the organization’s solution architecture with strategic alignment of the business process management to simplify the architecture landscape and transition path. EA helps to provide an integrated view of applications, processes, data flows, and dependencies.

The LeanIX enterprise architecture management tool integrates with the SAP Signavio process model. LeanIX provides the single source of truth of application inventory to make it available in Signavio to update business process model steps with the application.  

Tech Mahindra's next-generation ERP large transformation offering establishes a comprehensive roadmap for the business capability modelling and application life cycle management using tools and architectural framework. Our offering establishes interdependencies for the interim state to manage the complexity of transition architecture.

Business Process Management – Bring Competitive Advantage

In a rapidly changing environment, business agility is key. Business process management allows organizations to adapt swiftly to enable required capabilities to deliver business outcomes —whether launching new products and services, responding to customer needs, or complying with regulations.

To drive values, a well-designed ERP capability map should be in place for differentiating elements to determine which part of business capability needs to be designed and supported by technology based on additional investment in the solution to provide value to the business.

Any transformation in the organization should be driven by ‘business pace layering’, which is to know your foundation, core, and strategic business process layer to focus on commoditization, differentiation, and innovation business capability.

Tech Mahindra's end-to-end business process management offering covers process discovery, analysis, and mining using tools for faster insights and identifies the manual processes heat map, which can be hyper-automated/eliminated by building automation and AI.

Real Enterprise Transformation – Support Big Rocks and Key Improvement Initiatives

Upgrading an SAP ECC system is one of the most extensive and expensive decisions for business and IT leaders. The long-term strategic vision and benefits are therefore key for current and future sustainable revenue models to design SAP S/4HANA accordingly.

The end-to-end transformation execution operating model must consider the big rock challenges and support key improvement initiatives from the beginning to have a key focus for a customer-centric organization.

The customer's pricing proposals, contracting and revenue recognition accounting, financial cost planning and reporting, AI and automation opportunities, and ERP boundary ecosystems for provisioning, fulfilment, and delivery should be tailored to the needs of each customer segment. 

There will always be urgent and important work to complete. Throughout the transformation process, it is critical to maintain focus on the big Rocks and key improvement initiatives.

Business and Generative AI Adoption – Speed up Transformation

AI can be used to simplify and speed up the S/4HANA transformation journey. AI has the potential to augment business intelligence by increasing visibility into new business models through idea generation, simulation, and revenue-generating opportunities, as well as mitigating foreseeable business risks.

With the computing power of AI, GenAI supports business users to use insights to increase their productivity and make better decisions across multiple domains. GenAI functions proactively optimize business processes and make recommendations to simplify operations and summarize optimization results, for example.

Tech Mahindra's cutting-edge GenAI offerings push the boundaries of innovation by developing AI solutions tailored to specific needs and requirements of business functions.

For example, our new offering on GenAI can unveil the future of HR with generational AI and SAP business technology platform (BTP)— a groundbreaking solution created jointly by Tech Mahindra and SAP, designed to reshape the way we understand and manage human resource policies and processes.

Rise Together, Lead Together

Scale at speed is what enterprises need today. Successful strategy execution enables organizations to gain new business direction, launch new products and service offerings to market much faster, and ultimately lead to a competitive advantage. It also gives organizations the necessary agility to adapt to change continuously, ensuring their viability in the future's changing landscape.

Tech Mahindra can help enterprises scale transformation at speed and bring agility, resilience, and efficiency to their business. We deliver changes to the operating model to improve business outcomes. And with our experience, expertise, entrepreneurial DNA, and a focus on learning, we are ideally suited to fill this imperative.

At Tech Mahindra, we are believers in collaboration, innovation, and leadership. We don’t just believe in participating, we believe in leading. We drive transformation success through active collaboration.

Please join us and meet our experts at SAP SAPPHIRE 2024 for engaging discussions, innovative offerings, customer success stories, and to co-create your industry use cases with Tech Mahindra, which will help you scale at speed.  

About the Author
Avanish Kumar author
Avanish Kumar
SAP Practice Head, Tech Mahindra

Avanish has over 28 years of experience including the technology industry and SAP domain. Avanish is passionate about working in sustainability, to enable business value driven S/4HANA sustainable transformation for the clients. He has extensive experience in developing sustainability solutions for different industries using SAP technologies and digital platforms.


Avanish has over 28 years of experience including the technology industry and SAP domain. Avanish is passionate about working in sustainability, to enable business value driven S/4HANA sustainable transformation for the clients. He has extensive experience in developing sustainability solutions for different industries using SAP technologies and digital platforms.

He is a certified sustainable supply chain professional and a regular blogger on the topic of sustainability, supply chain and SAP. Avanish has a Bachelor’s in Engineering from IIT, Roorkee and a diploma on Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School.