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SIMPLIFY the NXT Future of IT Delivery

As the world rapidly moves towards hyper-connectivity, CIOs are constantly on the lookout for a simpler comprehension of their applications and systems. This is because legacy apps cannot cope up with today’s digital ecosystem, and  most enterprises today are keen on redeveloping these on a cloud-based architecture. However, this presents a new challenge for CIOs, which is to put forward the most agile and optimized system at the lowest possible cost, as speed becomes a key differentiator to stay relevant in the market.

Managing Digital Performance in the Age of IT Complexity

According to a Business Wire report, 76% of CIOs think that it will be impossible to manage digital performance as IT complexity skyrockets. The report further states that IT complexity has seen exponential growth where a single web interaction would take an average of 35 different technology components to execute as compared to 22 just a few years back. Technology, which is by default seen as an enabler of simplicity, is proving to be headache for the IT-department of companies.

There are numerous IT-services companies who are claiming that they can reduce this IT complexity. Most of them propose an agile framework that will increase agility in terms of storage, computation, accessibility, and so on. This, however, comes with another set of problems: The problem of many.

The sheer volume of solutions and frameworks in the market are increasing at an overwhelming pace, where every other company is claiming an expertise to streamline the digitization front. It can be a tedious exercise for CIOs to choose from the staggering outburst of solutions, especially when each claims to have POCs and case studies. Designing a full scale solution customized to the needs of the customer is the challenge that execs face. And this is increasingly becoming more complex with constantly changing face of cyberattacks and technology landscape.

Cutting through the Noise: How NXT.NOW™ can SIMPLIFY IT Delivery

At Tech Mahindra, we understand this challenge from both the seller and user perspective. Our solutions are tailored in way that they can serve the purpose end-to-end and empower companies to go digital without any hitch or confusion. As our customer, you do not have to evaluate the micro components or tech details or elaborate on business challenges. It is important that your IT service partner is the one who can come up with the most befitting solution across technologies, frameworks and competencies. We call this seamless journey  SIMPLIFY.

The philosophy of SIMPLIFY is to make digitization straightforward, uncomplicated and unambiguous. It covers effective migration from traditional data centers to the cloud as well as  relocation and rebuilding of  legacy applications in  cloud-native form as and when needed. It helps secure data through its various cyber-security tools. SIMPLIFY covers all aspects of data operations under a unified framework, minimizing the extra noise.

But what’s our secret sauce?

Collaboration and co-creation. We have competency level customer boards where we deep dive into customer journeys to understand their pain points. We also regularly connect with industry movers, shakers, influencers to understand how the market is evolving. And we have in-house consultants, our Digital Ninjas, who make can truly SIMPLIFY such a journey.

Our framework includes the best practices in cloud, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, intelligent automation, blockchain and machine learning at one pit-stop. CIOs can pick and choose from these services and curate a basket according to their business needs. They can also conduct workshops and perform R&D to seamlessly propel them in the path of their digital journey.

Experience the Future of Technology NOW

We know our SIMPLIFY philosophy works and is a necessary step into the future of business operations, what we call NXT.NOW™.

Since this is fast changing world, it’s important we Imagine the possibilities, Build the expertise around it, and Run with it for our customers. It is time for all of us to experience the future of technology across businesses.

We have been a trusted partner for hyper-scalers across the industry, as showcases by various use-cases throughout the decade. Our recent accreditation as a Level 1 MSSP launch partner to AWS speaks volumes of our capabilities and understanding of the market.

Tech Mahindra was recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant as one of the leaders among vendors who provides IT services for communications service providers worldwide. In the ISG Provider Lens™ Study 2021, we have been positioned as leaders in managed security services across US and UK.

No matter the IT service partner you select, remember that the journey to digital need not be complex. That is the very essence of SIMPLIFY at Tech Mahindra. We architect the future of your business today.

About the Author
Rajesh Chandiramani
Senior Vice President & Global Head Data Analytics, AI, Cloud, CSRM & Blockchain Tech Mahindra