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TechM Partner Ecosystem: Supercharging India’s Digital Growth Together

India is on the path to a software revolution that will transform the digital landscape of industries and the country. The government of India (GoI) is going above and beyond in its digitalization initiatives under the "Digital India" banner with plans to streamline public services even more, making them more effective and accessible. While the GoI has been pushing the envelope of digitalization over the past few years, what's new is the rising acceptance of technology across all sectors, and we expect to see many ongoing initiatives mature in 2024.

Global behemoths continue to invest in India's tech prowess to fuel innovation. They are bringing in a paradigm shift in the way enterprises run their businesses in India so far, giving in to a global approach of more effective and efficient systems provided by new and competent OEMs that bring the best-in-class solutions to the market. Looking at these favorable changes, we can see a compelling picture of what lies ahead: We are on the cusp of an era where public, private, and government establishments are poised for a complete digital overhaul.

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Architecting a Digital-first Country

We at TechM want to help businesses strengthen their technological capabilities and compete with global contemporaries. This is more than a business imperative for us. It is an organization-wide philosophy focusing on comprehensive business transformation. In line with our DigitAll philosophy, we believe every successful digital transformation encompasses all organizational goals and stakeholder needs across multiple layers (business processes and models, services, and products).

We have partnered with IFS, the market-leading enterprise software solution developer, to double down on these principles. While IFS offers its solutions, particularly to asset-heavy sectors like aerospace and defence, telecommunications, manufacturing, and oil and gas, its solutions can be tailored to match all the needs of organizations in other sectors. IFS is known to be a proponent of value-driven partnerships, a champion of an internal culture of excellence, and extremely customer-centric. As partners, TechM and IFS support each other at every step, providing customers with class-leading products that bring about a delightful experience.

Growth Path with TechM Partner Ecosystem

TechM realizes catalyzing India's digital growth is a collaborative endeavor. It's a team effort, and we plan to collaborate with a wide range of industry partners. With IFS gradually building its presence in the Indian market, the competition amongst partners capable of taking these solutions to the market is limited, and opportunities are abundant. Our partner ecosystem helps the partners establish and expand their reach in the Indian market with the combined support of TechM-IFS. We identify, validate, and enroll partners, providing comprehensive support in sales as well as pre-sales processes. Together, we build a successful go-to-market strategy, ensuring mutual growth and success in selling IFS products across various regions. We are bringing together a dynamic ecosystem of partners, from seasoned technology experts to savvy consultants, to ensure that Indian businesses can access and leverage the power of IFS products.

How We Plan to Build a Robust Partner Ecosystem

We are building a team of competent partners that is a mix of those with prior proven experience with IFS and are raring go-getters with the zeal and commitment to grow big. We're also open to partnering with up-and-coming technology resellers and system integrators. As a certified exclusive distributor, we are aligned with IFS in enabling our partners access the IFS and TechM training systems. Through these, our partners will have access to tailored training courses that will provide them with valuable accreditations and certifications.

The growth must be synergistic, and this philosophy lies at the core of TechM's endeavor to build the partner ecosystem for IFS in India. We intend to uphold this principle by setting up a lucrative partner incentivization plan. The partners will benefit from greater rewards as they bring bigger opportunities to build into the market. This includes an unrivaled positioning as a TechM partner through industry events and leadership summits, providing phenomenal exposure.

Partners, Assemble!

As India progresses toward becoming a global tech superpower, TechM and its partner ecosystem can be a positive force of change that expedites this journey. Join hands with us to redefine business dynamics across sectors. Our collaborative approach ensures that our partners are at the forefront of India's technological transformation. Connect, collaborate, and celebrate with TechM now to explore how you can shape India's digital future and how your organization can be a leader in the digital age. Let's innovate together and bring forth a brighter tomorrow.

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About the Author
Sumit Kapoor
Global Partner Alliance Leader, Tech Mahindra

Sumit leads the TechM and IFS partnership globally, playing a key role in nurturing this relationship and developing the global markets jointly with IFS. He is also instrumental in developing the sub-distributor ecosystem for IFS sales in India. He brings in his extensive experience with IFS to the fore in his current role, which is complemented by his commitment and approach as an Indian Air Force veteran.