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Again today, residents of Colorado are waking up to early-season snow. In my area, we have four new inches of fresh powder. That’s on top of the five inches that landed on Tuesday. Though the early snow in Colorado is exciting to many, it can make commuting work or school treacherous.

Like many from Colorado, I’m feel lucky that I am able to work remotely from my home office without having to endure long drive times and unsafe travel conditions in freezing temperatures in order to commute to work.

However, many are not so fortunate. Even as Colorado State Patrol Urges Businesses to Close Tuesday and Wednesday, many will take to the roads and highways to get to work. But what if your “work” could come to you? Colorado has many contact centers and today, several are opening late or closed completely. Did you know that TechM has developed a state-of-the-art Work at Home Contact Center model?

Through a core value proposition of high quality people, nimble and flexible operations, and the unique ability to leverage geography in our favor, we’d like to introduce you to the TechM Work at Home Contact Center Solution:

  • Because Tech Mahindra is a $4.9 billion global brand and has offices in 56 countries, the TechM WAH Contact Center solution is geographically distributed across North America, mature Europe, Asia and ANZ, which enables a massive sourcing footprint with which to provide scaled talent.
  • Industry leading Work at Home technology platform; operational tools and processes:
    • Highly secure and proven cloud-based virtual desktop image (VDI) dedicated by client
    • Transformation of brick & mortar curriculum into eDelivery model leveraging adult learning concepts
    • WFM staffing solutions with part-time and full-time workers to drive program efficiency and higher occupancy
  • Built by industry leaders with decades of proven experience and success in the WAH Contact Center space; giving you a leg up on your competition

So as you can see, your “work” can come to you! The future is Work at Home!

About the Author
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Scott Rohrer
leads the WAH business at Tech Mahindra.

He is responsible for transitioning the firm towards a WAH set up whilst delivering on the business goals and customer experience. Scott has nearly 20 years of experience in the WAH centre space across operations, technology, client services, sales and solutions.