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Top 5 Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2023

In 2023, providing seamless customer experience is what will matter the most! The impression a consumer has after interacting with a digital interface, such as a website, mobile app, or kiosk screen, is known as the digital customer experience. And since many individuals are still staying at home and avoiding crowds due to the epidemic, now is the ideal time to address CX in the digital sphere.

The demand for top-notch customer service has always been and will continue to be high. The pandemic had forced businesses to shift to digital interactions with customers. Companies are forced to use technologies that give them a competitive advantage. "Better Customer Experience (CX) policies and implementations used to have it," but not anymore. For all companies it is now a question of survival. The entire digital environment has seen a tremendous upheaval since 2021, impacting businesses of all kinds. It has forced companies around the world to upgrade their outdated systems and implement cutting-edge technology. Businesses should keep an eye on these top digital customer experience trends in 2023 to incorporate into their business plans:

Opt for Mobile-first Approach

Using a mobile-first approach goes beyond simply having a mobile app. Additionally, information must be kept current, relevant, and properly formatted — especially for many B2C firms. Businesses must ensure users can complete the tasks they set out to complete, mirroring those in their web experience. When developing a mobile interface, business entities should have the following design considerations in mind:

  • Enlarged touchpoints
  • Avoid large graphics
  • Create an easy-to-use navigation
  • Prioritize items in content inventory

Growing Use of Subscription Models

To provide distinctive experiences tailored to digital media, brands would perform better to reevaluate interactive methodologies. Even a physical business may organize live online events that bring together clients and followers from across the world, eliminating regional restrictions and enticing a larger audience than before. By providing subscription alternatives for your goods or services, you can convert one-time transactions into recurring ones, keeping customers and enhancing their experience with your business. Long-term sustainability, tremendous customer convenience, and the ability to scale expansion are all benefits of subscription business models. These models allow companies to better understand their consumers over time by using the data collected from subscribers. Hence, businesses will cut back on their marketing spending and focus on finding methods to improve consumer happiness.

Enhance Experience with Omnichannel Presence

An omnichannel strategy can give users a quick and more tailored user experience. A customer will have a consistent experience when they move between a physical store, a website, and a mobile app if they have an omnichannel experience. Channels for interacting with customers, like chat, social messaging (like Facebook Messenger), and self-service, are expanding. Customers may expect variations in how businesses use these platforms for engagement and how they respond to customers, but there is a general expectation that communication will be true to brand and be delivered consistently.

Offer Self-Service Options to Your Customers

The most popular ecommerce customer experience trend nowadays is digital self-service. The least a customer wants is minimalistic conversation with a CX representative on the phone. Look at how AI, automation, FAQs, and chatbots may assist them resolve difficulties since many online consumers are pleased when they can. For instance, Amazon makes its checkout procedure, refunds, and exchanges a straightforward DIY option for customers by using intelligent automation. The entire process is simple and finished in a matter of seconds.

Personalized Advertising to Witness Downfall

For the delivery of highly focused suggestions to specific persons in the past, corporate organisations had to search for such individuals across mobile applications and websites. Apple's most recent improvements to iOS have made it more difficult to acquire IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), which requests users' consent to use different tracking techniques. Surprisingly, Google plans to discontinue utilizing third-party monitoring cookies. Therefore, there will be an increase in advertising expenses, a rise in business acquisitions of advertising-related businesses, and a greater emphasis on user retention and lifetime value across all channels for customer engagement, including chat, social messaging (such as through Facebook Messenger), and self-service.

Is Your Business Ready to Pace with Digital Customer Experience Trends?

No company is complete without a strong online presence when it comes to designing the ideal digital consumer experience. In a marketplace where there are plenty options for the client, improving digital CX is crucial. Managing and offering seamless customer experience is a tricky technique that readily demands an intensive comprehension of customers’ needs and wants. It is not surprising that the epidemic has caused a significant shift in consumer and business behavior. To succeed, businesses entities must invest in the appropriate era associate and provide the proper range of solutions to meet customer expectations. In 2023, CX will see significant change, and several new factors will start to grab the limelight.

About the Author
Prabhjinder Bedi
Chief Growth Officer - Business Process Services Tech Mahindra

Bedi has over two decades of experience involving launching start-up ecosystems, scaling up businesses, and successfully taking products and services to market across industry verticals, spanning telecom and media, hi-tech/new economy, financial services, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, and life sciences.More

Bedi has over two decades of experience involving launching start-up ecosystems, scaling up businesses, and successfully taking products and services to market across industry verticals, spanning telecom and media, hi-tech/new economy, financial services, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, and life sciences. Having spent over 16 years at Tech Mahindra, Bedi is currently responsible for taking our existing and new-age service offerings to global markets and adding meaning to our shareholders, partners, and customers. Bedi is a bachelor’s in Engineering from IIT, Benaras and holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IIM Calcutta.