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Where Artificial Intelligence Changes the Way We Market

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Courtesy of scientific and technological inventions and developments, a lot has and is changing across all industries, from production, marketing and sales, collection and handling of business data, to customer experience. It can only be imagined how tedious paperwork was, especially to those across business sectors—recording and doing all analytics manually. This was not only draining, but also wide of the mark in that paperwork could not be depended upon for the real-time and accurate collection and analysis of data, hence inefficient. The advent and rise of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and all their facets such as machine learning have been critical in addressing these setbacks, and changing business operations for the better by bringing forth smart, results-delivering, and much-needed solutions, including assisted content marketing, smart email marketing, and social analytics whose contributions to business marketing and consequently business growth are writ large.

Next-level marketing with AI

Marketing is essentially the biggest part of any business's success. With AI and machine learning aided marketing and brand familiarization and popularization techniques and strategies, great breakthroughs are promised. On the topic of marketing, artificial intelligence is stepping up the game to a whole new level. In this digital era characterized by big data, businesses had no option but to tap into these technological advancements. Without this, the large volumes of data collected (structured or unstructured) about the business's daily activities cannot be processed for value addition. Artificial intelligence is the technology that allows machines to imitate human thinking and behaviors. This concept is very broad and has other smaller but yet very important concepts such as deep learning and machine learning. The latter is based on the fact that machines can be made to collect or fetch data, analyze it, and use it to perform given tasks in a smart way with minimal or no human intervention. These technologies are now playing a critical role in business marketing as in assisted content marketing, smart email marketing, and social analytics.

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Assisted content marketing

Machine learning, supported by artificial intelligence, has enabled businesses to utilize a variety of advertisement targeting techniques such as smart email marketing and assisted content marketing. Also, social analytics is changing the marketing scene. Assisted content marketing seeks to help marketers across all industries grasp the fundamentals of content marketing's highly dynamic world. With assisted content marketing, user data is keenly analyzed to help marketers leverage the internet. Therefore, artificial intelligence and machine learning are key players in assisted content marketing in a number of ways. First, assisted content marketing makes it easier for the automatic generation of accurate and relevant content by using special AI algorithms. This content is pretty much like human-generated content and is highly optimized. Secondly, assisted content marketing is fostered by predictive intelligence, where businesses can generate personalized content through the observation of customer behavior, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lastly, curation of content, a major aspect of assisted content marketing, is being enabled by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence tools save the time spent on manually researching and discovering trending topics and subjects. Assisted content marketing helps curate relevant and engaging content instead.

Smart email marketing

Smart email marketing is a development of artificial intelligence that targets customer behavior. Almost all businesses and brands are now online and have their own platforms for reaching online audiences. This is where smart email marketing comes into play. Business websites and other digital sites have been enhanced with AI data collection capabilities, which monitor the activities of each individual visitor or prospect. Smart email marketing benefits and thrives on this type of system. It starts with the collection of the visitors' email addresses, then attaching their activities to it. Later, smart email marketing will apply through behavioral retargeting. For smart email marketing to deliver the anticipated results, proper timing is very important. Typically, sending follow-up emails within 48 hours is advocated by marketing experts. Smart email marketing is meant to ‘lure’ customers to buy, rebuy, or provide other relevant suggestions that may lead to conversions. A pro tip pertaining to smart email marketing is collecting feedback on why customer visits did not end in successful conversions to improve customer experience.

Social analytics

Social analytics makes processes such as assisted content marketing and smart email marketing achievable through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Social analytics is, over time, becoming pivotal in business marketing because of the increase in social media users globally. Therefore, businesses' social media presence is inevitable as a marketing strategy for any business focused and concerned about its growth in this social media and digital era. Social analytics makes it easy for businesses to tack and make use of social interactions and relationships. Social analytics is very broad, comprising natural language processing, the analysis of social networking, among others. The end product of social analytics is useful information that businesses can use to step up their marketing efforts and make more sales. The adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning in social analytics has made the process more fluid and precise alongside time-saving.


Artificial intelligence and its components, such as machine learning, are transforming and revolutionizing business marketing. As opposed to conventional marketing efforts, AI proffers viable and highly effective marketing techniques, ranging from assisted content marketing, smart email marketing to social analytics. The goal is simple: to offer businesses cut-edging marketing