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Winning Experience at the Recent Micro Focus UFT One AI Hackathon

As there is a continuous increase in demand for faster and better automation across the SDLC phases, tools with AI, ML and NLP capabilities will help us in filling these requirements. We have identified one such tool, UFT One’s AI-based Capabilities, to automate and maintain a single script across Web and Mobile applications.

Micro Focus UFT One Solution

We leveraged the AI and NLP capabilities of UFT One to generate a script to test both Mobile (iOS, Android) and legacy web applications. The same script can be executed across Web and Mobile (iOS, Android) applications without any additional coding.

To further our UFT AI experience, we participated in the recent “Test Drive AI with Micro Focus UFT One Hackathon”. During the Partner exclusive Hackathon, participants were split into moderated groups to give UFT One's AI-based capabilities a Test Drive. We used UFT One's AI and NLP based capabilities to generate maximum number of scripts and identify maximum number of new objects (to make AI learn about new objects) for our web application and mobile application in a specific stipulated time period. The panel of Moderators and mentors from Micro Focus reviewed and evaluated all the participants’ scripts and announced the winner for maximum scripts created and maximum newly identified objects.

We are thankful to our TechM mentor- Kishore Kandula for the encouragement and extended support and also to Micro Focus for giving us an opportunity to participate in the AI hackathon. We are extremely happy and excited to receive such prestigious awards from Micro Focus.

Watch us in the MicroFocus official UFT One AI Hackathon winner declaration LinkedIn post:


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