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Omni-Channel, Multi-Play Commerce

We help our clients to transform the sales and delivery process from an IT (backend-driven) process to a customer-centric experience. BlueMarble Commerce supports the implementation of digital and assisted channels with interfaces based on TMForum OpenAPI specifications. A built-in rule-driven Commercial Product Catalog makes it possible to combine physical and digital products to create bundles, personalized promotions and multi-play offerings. It increases the ability to quickly response to changes in market by reducing the Time-to-Market.

The Customer 360 View is merging customer account data and service subscriptions into a single view. The Shopping Cart is the essential component of the sales customer journey, supporting real-time rules evaluation and charge calculation. Shopping carts are persisted to support cross channel customer journey. Finally the configurable Checkout not only decreases the average handling time, it also lowers the order fallout due to immediate data validation.

All BlueMarble business services provide pre-built UI components and complete functional components that enable fast creation of new user-facing applications. For standard use cases, like retail or call center, BlueMarble provides complete business applications that enable a consistent, optimized user experience within a single workflow.