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In a Hyper-connected world any delay in order handling or fulfilment can lead to customer churn as the millennia customers need an almost real-time resolution and management of their needs. OrderVu, a BPaaS solution from Tech Mahindra improves the lead to fulfilment operational efficiency, drives customer satisfaction and brings in significant savings.

  • Based on a best-in-class comprehensive process workflow, designed to ensure a water tight process till Billing
  • Rendered through an IT solution built on leading global business process management suite
  • Managed by experienced Telco program managers, design and pricing specialists

Our extensive experience in enterprise telecom has come from serving leading global Telcos for over 4 years. We already manage and deliver over 1300 sites annually across geographies delivering:

  • Higher efficiency: Projects per manager improving from 2.7 to 4.3 & TAT reducing from 175 days to 130 days
  • Improved satisfaction: Account manager's satisfaction scores jumped from 6.2 to 8.1
  • Lower revenue leakage: 10% to 3%
  • Wrapper-based Solution: Overlays above all existing systems thus eliminating the need for any IT overhaul or back-end changes
  • Modularized Offering: Flexibility to choose specific modules based on requirement and integrate with the existing IT ecosystem
  • Faster Time-to-Market: A pre-configured platform that leverages new best practices, upgrades and releases virtually in real time
  • Lower TCO: Eliminates the need for budget-draining capital expenditure on hardware, software or infrastructure.
  • Opex-based Pricing Model: The right mix of one-time on-boarding, monthly subscription, tiered and per-transaction pricing, outcome based pricing
  • Improved Performance, Scalability & Security: A robust engine coupled with sound architecture that is extendible and flexible to accommodate future business requirements


In a connected communication industry a significant amount of revenue leakage is attributed to order processes, due to the high fallout rate. Tech Mahindra's OrderFix is a robust Order Fallout Management solution that can efficiently and effectively manage and resolve fallouts with least disruption to existing systems

  • A self-learning system with continuous improvement mechanism to eliminate specific fallouts in the long run
  • Strong operational and business analytics
  • Assisted resolution
  • Automatic case assignment and categorization
  • Ease of use
  • Opex model that reduces initial capital expenses
  • Process benchmarking, streamlined workflow, access to SMEs
  • Automation: Baseline AHT reduction of ~20%
  • Off-shoring: Direct reduction in agent cost
  • Use of six sigma to drive efficiency, identify backend IT changes to eliminate specific fallouts and reduces complexity
  • Processed more than 4 million fallouts annually
  • Worked with UK and North America market leaders
  • 15% reduction in AHT resulting in improved efficiency
  • 87% reduction in repeated orders leading to significant error rate reduction
  • 100% performance SLAs met (15% reduction in orders missed)


OrderFix - Tech Mahindra's Retail Fallout Management solution

OrderFix - Tech Mahindra

OrderVu - An Enterprise Order Management

OrderVu - An Enterprise Order Management
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