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Smart Offers

Personalized Marketing and Increasing Customer Value

Tech Mahindra’s Smart Offer platform is a Big Data Analytics based platform for generating personalized offers to customers. It combines the power of external (Social and Local data) and internal data (both structure & unstructured data) of an enterprise together with intelligent algorithms to generate right choices / offers for customers and analytics for right targeting.

  • 99% of marketing offers go waste (Reduced Customer Spend)
  • Customers perceive the offers as boring.
  • Customers receive offers for brands they don’t like.
  • Customers receive the offers not when they need but when they have already bought the product/service.

‘’$76 Billion is the Interactive marketing spend ($8.5 Bn Mobile marketing spend & $2.4 Bn Email marketing spend)’’

‘’However less than 1% is the acceptance rate

Our 360 degree Big Data Analytics provides guided choices using customer data spread across and leveraging:

  • Multiple external data sources that correlate product preference across categories
  • Affinity maps that correlate customers and their preferences
  • Higher offer acceptance rate
  • One stop shop for offer management, offer creation, delivery, operations
  1. We bring external data:

Data, which is the backbone of the platform, is collected from various sources i.e. externally (social network) and internally (structured).

In addition to the structured enterprise data, our data analytics engine reaches out to other external data sources such as:

  • Unstructured enterprise data like email, calls, etc.
  • 3rd party aggregated usage data such as surveys, syndicated data from vendors, reports, etc.
  • Public data such as news, directories, social networking and review data, etc.

Once this data is collated, and overlaid on transaction data- we are able to derive customer centric taste metric.

  1. Our analytics – Big data analytics platform

Our analytics platform is powered by the most advanced technological analytics, Smart Offers Data. This can help the clients (example banks) to target the right customers with right offers and generate strong ROI on their investments. To grow the customer value, we need to know which customer to grow by how much and across which merchant categories. Thus, customer segments created, based on their usage, spend and behavior can help us find hidden opportunities to grow customer penetration as well as transaction frequency and to prepare the respective credit card offers

  1. Our portal for smart offers

  • Personal choices guide & campaign tracker for targeting customer – The analytics shall provide the customers with the choices based on parameters such as taste, behavior, context and influence. The offers shall be monitored and tracked regularly in order to provide the best possible choices to the customers.
  • Catalogue manger to optimize merchant network – Similarly the merchant network shall provide the relevant information to the merchants related to the offers that the clients are supposed to provide and accordingly they can also put forward their offers. The merchants can also club their offers with the original vendor so as to provide the best offers to the target customers.
  1. Our operation for campaign management and customer reach

This will have 3 major functionalities:-

  • Campaign management – This will help in growing the offers through various campaigns to the targeted customers. It continuously monitor the market and the other offers available in the market so as to provide the best offers to the customers from our clients.
  • Channel management -  This will provide various channels of communication to the targeted customers such as social networking sites like FB, Twitter etc., SMS, phone, e-mails, ATMs etc.
  • Communication Management - This will be the back-end support to the above 2 functionalities which shall provide the contents for the various offers that need to be provided to the customers. They will be liaison between the clients with the offers details and the campaign and channel management so as to push the offers to the targeted customers. 
Smart offers conversion period

Conversion period reduces by 30% from 16 weeks to 12 weeks)

Smart offers Customer spend

Customers spend increases by $15.

Smart offers Scaling

Percentage of customers increases from 30% to 50%

Smart offers acceptance rate

Acceptance rate of offers increases upto 2.5 X (based on campaigns).

Smart offers Scaling

Revenues increases by 4-10%

Smart offers acceptance rate

Costs reduce by 10-20%


Combining the power of Data, Technology - Analytics, Marketing Operations

Combining the power of Data, Technology - Analytics, Marketing Operations

Case Studies

Increase in offer conversation rate for a leading bank in UK

Increase in offer conversation rate for a leading bank in UK

Automated choice generation for a leading bank in Singapore

Automated choice generation for a leading bank in Singapore
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For further information please write to