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Tech Mahindra has been a pioneer in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space; with over 14 years of experience in successfully delivering ECM/DMS solutions to Fortune 500 corporations across the globe. Tech Mahindra has a dedicated practice offering end-to- end ECM/DMS solutions and services across a wide range of industry verticals.

DMS @ Tech Mahindra - A Snapshot


Service Offering

  • DMS Implementation
  • DMS Consulting
  • DMS Migration
  • Case Management Implementations
  • DMS on Mobile & Cloud
  • Mobility Extensions


  • IBM FileNet & DataCap
  • EMC - Documentum, Captiva & Info Archive
  • Alfresco (Hybrid ECM - Cloud & On-Premises)

Marquee Clients

  • A leading global commercial finance firm
  • A technology major in the US
  • A chemical giant in Europe
  • A leading publishing company in the UK

At Tech Mahindra, we recognize the imperative for businesses to adopt a solution in the most optimum timeframe in order to meet their respective market demands and be ahead of the curve at all times. In line with the same, our team has developed a set of solution accelerators aimed at significantly reducing the implementation lifecycle of a typical solution. Some of our flagship solution accelerators:

  • Fraud Analytics system (EMC Certified) is a solution accelerator aimed at the insurance vertical with an emphasis on Fraud detection and that enables an early warning system during the process of case management.
  • Loan origination system – FileNet is a solution accelerator integrated with Imaging solutions to increase the speed of loan processing from the point of entry to the disbursal end with inbuilt mechanisms to streamline error prone transactions
  • SMART Care – FileNet, developed in partnership with IBM, is a solution accelerator with a comprehensive set of tools that could be employed to improve existing social care applications’ efficiency or replace with a new application
  • P2C Solution – Alfresco is a solution accelerator integrated with Mobile scanning/imaging components and can be employed in extending case management processes across the organization with support for Mobile processing.
  • Migrate PRO: is a set of scripts which help migrate content from legacy content management systems to target new age systems across technologies.

DMS Partners @ Tech Mahindra

We have been fostering a very healthy long term System Integrator relationship with leading DMS product vendors. As a practice, we help our customers adopt newer technologies and solutions in collaboration with our partners, ensuring implementation correctness combined with product fitment. Some of our partners include:

  • IBM FileNet Content Manager software helps organizations to store and manage document images, create and maintain business processes and automatically route document images based on content, context and user input, view document images from anywhere in the enterprise, make annotations on them and redact parts of them as needed, A single repository for enterprise content to provide centralized access and better control (security), Document management & library services, Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office and Social collaboration combined with mobile computing support.
  • IBM Datacap software is used for scanning, recognition and document capture. The main idea behind the Datacap engine is to help create a “Paperless” office. IBM Datacap can help organizations to auto­mate data entry for most types of documents, including insurance policies, medical claims, mortgages and loans, tax returns and claims, and variable documents, such as invoices. Datacap can also rapidly convert structured data and unstructured information from common formats, including JPEG and GIF image files. Overall, advanced document capture automation or forms recognition is key steps to gaining efficiencies in paper-based processes by helping organizations to streamline their paper based processes and bridge the paper-computer digital divide.
  • IBM Case Manager is a case management suite that brings together documents, business information, flexible workflow, real time analytics and reporting – all within a rapid solution development environment. It also provides a case container (folder) where all the business critical case artefacts and decisions are maintained over time, automatically creating an audit trail, as well as a time stamped case record. IBM Case manager improves knowledge worker efficiency, creates opportunities with analytics integration and provides auditable consistency.

EMC is a key leader in enterprise content management & customer communication management systems and in application decommissioning & archival solutions. In 2011, EMC was ranked 2nd on Fortune’s list of the World’s Most Admired Computer Companies. EMC's product line ranges from Enterprise Content Management systems to Imaging platforms & Information Archival solutions including Information security and regulatory compliances.    

  • Key product functionalities offered by EMC
    • Content Management – Documentum Platform, D2, My Documentum, ApplicationXtender, DAM, IDS and Web
    • Business Process Management – xCP
    • Capture – Captiva
    • Customer Communications – xPression
    • Collaboration – Syncplicity and CenterStage
    • Pervasive Governance – IRM, RM, RPS, Kazeon e-Discovery
    • Cloud Offerings – EMC OnDemand
  • Horizontal Offerings
    • Application Archival and Decommissioning – Info-Archive
    • Accounts Payable Automation – EMC Documentum APxCelerator
  • Vertical Offerings:
    • Life Sciences Solution for HLS
    • Energy Plant and Facilities Management for E & U
    • Fraud Analytics Solution for Insurance (Tech Mahindra owned)

Alfresco, the leading subscription based Open Source Document Management System (DMS) helps organizations to store, process and manage mission critical documents in a cost effective manner which helps improve service levels and bring down processing costs. As per industry reports Alfresco is growing at the rate of 3x the pace of ECM market overall. Leading analysts predict that Alfresco market would grow by 28%.    

Alfresco is rated at the most well positioned DMS product today to scale up to the on-going demand of taking enterprise DMS to the cloud and making it available on the Mobile. Alfresco is the only hybrid ECM vendor in the world that manages content anywhere, in the Cloud, On-Premise or Both. The Cloud and sync to on-premises is a key differentiator in Alfresco. Alfresco’s unique blend of Cloud + On-Premises model lends itself to an enhanced experience of providing a robust Saas model in the ECM space. Being an open-source system Alfresco is in a unique position to grow inorganically as the market trend moves, lending itself to a greater relevance vis-à-vis a more closed product.

Tech Mahindra is one of the select Global partners of Alfresco. With Alfresco certified developers and strong implementation experience in transformational projects, Tech Mahindra has established a strong relationship with the Alfresco executive team as well as the reputation of an established strong competency to help implement Alfresco based solutions.    

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