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Enhancing Communication Compliance

Tech Mahindra has developed and deployed a UCC-based solution on Hyperledger Fabric Platform v1.0 and includes a customer web application that provides for preference registration, consent acquisition, dynamic preference setting, stakeholder onboarding, header registration, template registration, scrubbing service, and complaint handling and tracking.


Our Services

Reduced Process Cycle Time

Reduced cycle time of the subscriber’s DND preferences registration and complaint handling processes.

Enhanced Transparency

Immutable recording of subscriber’s data, telemarketer’s and telecom service provider’s activity in blockchain that can be used for verification and audit.

Improved Traceability

Anomalies can be identified and mapped easily, and disputes can be handled and resolved effectively because of the availability of immutable audit logs.

Best-in-class Security

All records are permissioned, and hence, only authorized personnel can view them.

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