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AI-Enhanced Transparency and Trust

Tech Mahindra has developed a securitization platform in partnership with a collaborator to meet the needs of loan originators, issuers, investors, and rating agencies. Addressing challenges like limited cash flow for loan originators and quality concerns for investors, the platform offers a real-time view of assets, employs AI to assess asset quality, and scores them to aid informed investment decisions, all built on Hyperledger Fabric.


Our Services

AI-enabled Comprehensive Due Diligence and Reconciliation

AI-driven review of individual loan contracts and reconciliation with loan database.

50% Reduction in Time for Structuring Transactions

Payment waterfall automatically triggered and executed once payments are received.

Lower Cost for Lenders, Lower Risk for Investors

Common platform for lender and investors with high level of trust, ensuring a better deal for credible lenders; better risk/reward for investors.

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