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Tech mahindra


BE. ‘Business Excellence’ is the consulting arm of Tech Mahindra.

The imperative for working in the digital age is to have adaptive business models, be customer centric always and bring products and services to the market at greater speeds. The BE. Way is geared towards helping our customers to get this very result.

The BE. Way of working is underpinned by three mantras. The mantras help us to own and deliver outcomes for our customers.

Our Mantras:

  1. Empathy at core
    The design thinking anchorage helps us to really understand our customer and their needs.
  2. Iterative development
    Iterative development allows us to be very flexible and we continuously experiment and deliver workable building blocks that address our customers’ immediate needs.
  3. Fast feedback
    The Build-Measure-Learn approach we adopt helps us to learn fast, change and deliver results that the customers desire.

We take pride in our rich repository of knowledge assets and IPs. Our proprietary assets and methodologies have evolved over several engagements and offer differentiated services addressing CXO priorities.

In digital for instance, our “Digital re-imagination and “Digital Transformation Office” frameworks help execute an end-to-end journey for our clients. Not to mention our Digital Supply Chain Management solutions and a Digital 3x3 framework to identify right investment opportunities.

To enable a seamless transformation we help design a culture of Agile and DevOps and implement DevOps enabled teams through our frameworks like ADOPT and APT (Agile product Teams). Our indigenous frameworks "Business Transformation Framework", “Transformation Management Office” and “Enterprise Program Management Office” help clients drive growth.

Our “Readiness Assessment framework” helps organizations absorb new capabilities in strategy & culture, business processes, skills & competencies, organizational structure, and of course, technology!

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