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Engineering Laboratory

IES Laboratory for Engineering Tests and Validations

Sir C V Raman Center for Engineering Tests and Validation is a fully-equipped laboratory with a dedicated wing for embedded solutions. The objective of the laboratory is to strengthen and benchmark our capability in validating designs. Functional and reliability tests are conducted to meet the design requirements of the products on specially built prototypes. This gives our associates an opportunity to understand the fundamental concepts related to product and systems.

The Integrated Engineering Solutions (IES) lab, with an area of 6000 sq. feet, is equipped with Environmental Chamber for thermal and cold testing, Pneumatic compressor (10 HP), Pneumatic and Hydraulic kit, Strain gauge setup, Air Blower Test Rig, Data logging equipments, Measuring instruments, Tear down facilities, Drilling and Welding machines and general purpose tools.

Typical activities carried out at IES Laboratory include:

  • Validating design assumptions and calculations
  • Associates perform theoretical calculations by considering certain assumptions while designing the parts. They validate the designs against theoretical calculations with the help of prototype parts.

  • Validating design feasibility
  • Associates design the components and build the prototype parts with the help of local suppliers. They validate designs with the help of different test setups and equipment such as thermal chamber, environmental chamber, dial indicators, force gauges and strain gauges.

  • Reliability testing
  • Build reliability testing fixtures, with the help of local suppliers and perform reliability life testing for various types of components. Till date we have built over 40 reliability fixtures.

  • Tear down activity
  • Tear down activity for comparing the competitor’s models to understand the system and for value engineering.

  • Fluid mechanics studies
  • Perform the experimental flow analysis on small models using wind tunnel test rig. Measure the performance of the compressor under various operating conditions. Predict the performance of the blower with backward or forward and radial vanes.

The Embedded Laboratory is fully equipped to cater to the needs of the embedded and automation domains. One can simulate real-life conditions to test the features, functionalities and performance of application before implementing at site. It has various design, development and debugging tools to carry out embedded development which involves hardware design from concept to prototype, Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design, firmware development, V&V.

For process automation, it is equipped with various process automation hardware - Programmable Logic Controller, Data Acquisition System, Software such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Historians, OPC , Process modeling and simulation tools (discrete event simulation).

The IES laboratory act as a catalyst for creating advanced solutions, product or idea development and competency expansion.

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