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Product Design and Product Engineering

Designing which is at the core of every new product development is redefining itself turning multidimensional today with the advancements in new connected technologies, ever stringent regulatory guidelines and the evolving market dynamics led by the need of a connected world. The complexity involved in the design function has increased dramatically because of the nature of products. The trend is being witnessed across engineering industries like aerospace, defense, automotive where the need for designs is indispensable.

On the other hand, Engineers today require diverse skills including extensive domain expertise, knowledge of the entire product lifecycle, familiarity with modern design and engineering tools, awareness of production challenges and usability along with expertise on these evolving connected technologies.21st century product engineering is largely an inclusive function with diverse requirements in mechanical design, electrical design, electronics design, mechatronics and embedded software design and development along with these advancements led by the latest trends.

Tech Mahindra Integrated Product Design and Product Engineering Services and Solutions

When the importance of this evolved function designing is tremendous considering its direct effect on factors ranging from cost of production to sustainability to regulatory compliance, Tech Mahindra comes as a leader in providing product design and product engineering services and solutions to global leaders in aerospace, defense, automotive, rail, energy, utilities, industrial, consumer products and hitech industries.

The uniqueness of our expertise is in delivering complete system and sub-system design solutions integrating multi-disciplinary engineering skills

Tech Mahindra Product Design and Product Engineering Solutions

Our engineers have the required expertise across engineering verticals in third party design tools in each of the above mentioned engineering areas and can provide best in class solutions for Mechanical CAD, Electronics CAD, Model based design, Design automation, Legacy conversions of design, etc.

Over the years, we have worked with over 100 industry leaders across several industries. Around 40% of our customers are Fortune 500 industry leaders. We can help you with:

  • Product innovation
  • Advanced technology implementation
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Products tailored for emerging markets

We have extensive knowledge and experience in global product launches across verticals at reduced cycle times and costs using methodologies like six sigma, reliability engineering and value engineering. Apart from this:

  • Our expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering and mechatronics enables us to deliver complete system and subsystem level designs.
  • Our domain experts with extensive product knowledge and understanding of regulations ensure the design complies with regional compliance standards.
  • Our engineers are skilled in detail designing, virtual validation of designs and producing engineering drawings ensure the designs are ready for manufacture. We can help take your products to the market faster.
  • We have expertise across multiple domains such as aerospace, defense, automotive, rail, energy, utilities, industrial, consumer products and hitech industries.
  • We are among the largest offshore mechatronics players in the world.
  • We have delivery centers around the globe.
  • We have product development labs for electro-mechanics, robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical, manufacturing and embedded verification and validation.
  • We have a dedicated lab for electronic systems.
  • We offer flexible partnership arrangements and can partner with you in different ways.
  • Our pool of domain experts and engineers from different segments can help you scale up your business right away.
  • We designed and developed a vision-guided robotic manipulator having capability to pick and place harness loops.
  • We achieved a 14% weight reduction and reduced Bill of Materials by 44% through modular designs and reuse of a mid fuse design for an aerospace OEM.
  • We designed and developed a prototype for a beverage dispenser with multiple smart interface systems and features like sweat sensor to capture user details, suited for a gym environment with 50-60% lower costs.
  • We developed an artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic-based comprehensive motor testing technique to be used for predictive analysis and remote diagnostics of electrical machines.
  • We designed and developed of electronic power steering system for automotive with 25% lower costs.
  • We designed a high speed powertrain for a F1 power boat to meet all ABYC standards with 20% lesser parts used and 80% parts sourced from India.

Take your product to complete next level with Tech Mahindra's world-class Integrated Product Design and Engineering Solutions. We help you take your products to the market faster, ensuring the design complies with regional compliance standards. For more information, email us or contact us here

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