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The cost of healthcare is increasing around the world. A major reason for this is the challenges involved in efficient healthcare delivery. There is a large vacancy rate for specialists and physicians. There is a lack of sufficient beds. Critical care waiting times are on the rise. The most prevalent chronic conditions also require long hospitalization times. Additionally, the industry’s economics have long been driven by paying for care delivered, ignoring the most important part of the care process, the outcome. However, legislation has provided the impetus for a transformation in care delivery where the patient and the outcome are central.

There is also a drive to deliver healthcare to a growing number of people much more effectively and at lower costs. We are at the cusp of a new healthcare paradigm that is moving away from a strictly reactive approach towards providing proactive healthcare. Technology will play a big role in this transformation.

Any transformation that attempts to change the status quo must address the needs of all the major forces in the healthcare ecosystem — the payers, providers and the patients. Care providers face cost pressures because of the increasing burden on the healthcare delivery system. Payers target reducing hospitalisation time and controlling hospital visits and admissions to ensure lower insurance pay outs. Patients want quicker outcomes and choice in the healthcare ecosystem.

Tech Mahindra's inclusive vision for providers, payers and patients leverages technology to transform healthcare service delivery.

Connected Care - Tech Mahindra

Technology will lead the transformation in healthcare by enabling faster outcomes, lower service delivery costs and improved quality of life. With the enormous strides in networking, mobility, analytics, cloud and sensor technologies, it is safe to predict that modern healthcare will be driven by connected technologies and Connected Care.

The Internet of Things will play an important role in Connected Care. The ability to connect disparate devices and employ analytics to intelligently use the data from devices to address patient conditions will be central to the healthcare transformation. Patients will be at the heart of this transformation. Solutions such as Telehealth will become de facto because they allow patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid hospital stays and visits.

Our healthcare expertise and technology capability means we offer industry leading solutions that will transform healthcare service delivery.

With an extraordinary amount of healthcare resources being spent on delivering care to ageing populations and people with chronic conditions, there is an impetus to move healthcare outside the hospital. Tech Mahindra's Telehealth solution addresses this need by offering an efficient way to manage patients with chronic conditions, deliver post-acute care Patient Management and elderly care.

Telehealth Platform

The Telehealth solution features a universal gateway to connect multiple medical devices such as vital monitoring devices, wearables and fixed devices. The gateway supports all Continua certified devices with custom protocol support through OTA upgrades. The gateway also supports multiple health data exchange protocols like IEEE 11073, Bluetooth HDP and BLE GATT profiles for true Plug and Play interoperability.

The Telehealth solution integrates health gateways on smart watches. The wearable health hub features fall detection, fitness and sleep monitoring. The solution also includes a gateway application on iOS and Android platforms for real time monitoring.

The solution includes a web based dashboard for comprehensive health monitoring and management. The application enhances collaboration between Patients, Providers and Payers and improves the healthcare delivery system effectively, profitably and sustainably.

Some key features of the Telehealth solution:

  • Integration of health vitals, fitness and wellness information into a single platform that simplifies health management, enables easy collaboration and improves outcomes
  • Integration support over HL7 with health record platforms like EHR and EMR for simplifying integration with legacy systems and enabling exchange of health data for creation of continuum of care
  • Data exchange with independent healthcare service provider platforms like Pharmacies, Diagnostic Testing Service Providers etc. using web based APIs
  • Integrated DICOM viewer and connector for Radiology report management and remote diagnosis
  • Supports integration with wide range of popular health applications for effective management of health conditions, tracking of diet and food habits and wellness and fitness monitoring
  • Simplifies adherence to medication schedules with integrated reminder options and integration with pill dispensers
  • Built in support for SOS management and location services for effective management of emergency situations
  • Integrated analytics engine for collaborative decision making, predictive diagnosis and improved patient care and outcomes
  • Designed for compliance with HIPAA and IHE

Tech Mahindra’s Wearable Multi Parameter Monitor extends care to new levels of convenience, offering on-the-move monitoring for patients, irrespective of where they are. It features:

  • Integrated ECG, Respiration, Posture and Temperature sensors
  • Integrated wireless connectivity (BLE/WiFi) for data upload to cloud
  • Remote Patient Monitoring through remote viewers using Android, iOS devices
  • Integrated accelerometer for patient movement, fall detection and posture tracking

The wearable monitor is a smart solution that can be adopted for Remote Critical Care Monitoring, Home Based Monitoring or Assisted Living.

Tech Mahindra’s Connected Care solutions extend to even vehicles. Our Driver Fatigue Monitoring solution addresses the impact of fatigue on road safety. The solution can be conveniently integrated with vehicle seats by embedding non-contact sensors.

  • Noncontact sensor based driver fatigue detection and monitoring using ECG Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data
  • Acquire ECG signals without direct contact with the human body
  • Bluetooth connectivity option for easy automotive infotainment integration
  • On the move monitoring of driver stress level through GSM and cloud connectivity options for real time driver fatigue level tracking

The solution is flexible, simple and easy to deploy. It makes driver fatigue assessment proactive and real time to ensure driver safety.

Tech Mahindra’s e-ICU solution addresses a critical gap in the number of intensivists available for critical care. The solution features:

  • Remote ICU management solution for remote critical care monitoring
  • Single display solution with multi window and multi patient view
  • Integration with vital monitoring devices, which are vendor neutral
  • Monitor vitals and view radiology reports and laboratory reports of patients from a remote monitoring center simultaneously
  • Video conferencing from bedside for immediate care from remote specialists
  • Smart alerts and concurrent monitoring across multiple sites

The solution allows intensivists to monitor the vital parameters of critically ill patients from remote ICUs 24x7. It provides the flexibility to manage a large population of patients and optimizes the utilization of care providers.

Tech Mahindra brings decades of expertise in healthcare, infrastructure and connectivity to develop future ready Connected Care solutions that will lead the transformation in healthcare. We have leveraged our expertise in multiple industry domains, IoT, embedded electronics, networking, mobility, analytics and system integration to design and develop Connected Care solutions.

Tech Mahindra believes in Connected Care and we have a vision for taking it to the world.

Reduce the cost of healthcare delivery even while improving outcomes and patient experience with Tech Mahindra’s Connected Care solutions and services. For more information, email us or contact us here


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