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Enhance Test Automation

Test automation is one of the essential entities in the test life cycle to reduce test cycle time by 60 to 70%. Test automation includes UI, API, ERP test automation, and non-functional testing. Test automation tools are important to connect with DevOps servers to achieve CT. 


Our Solution

TechM LitmusT MAGiX

TechM LitmusT MAGiX is an in-house test automation framework that automates end-to-end test scenarios, cutting across different technologies.

  • Saves 70% of technical resources
  • Ensures efforts savings when designing libraries by up to 80%
  • Ensures time-saving in test automation by up to 40% and maintenance by 20%
  • Facilitates schedule and batch execution of tests
  • Enables integration with test management tools and continuous integration/testing
  • Ensures high script reusability

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