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Test design automation is the ability to automate the entire testing process, starting at an extremely high level. Our automated test assurance (ATA) service aptly addresses this by automatically generating test data, test scripts, and test cases, effectively automating the test designs. Test design automation is crucial because it introduces this efficient process earlier in your operational development.

Solution highlights
  • Automation is introduced earlier in the development process
  • Manual processes are reduced or even eliminated
  • Human error and costs are reduced
  • Testing is much faster and more efficient
  • Increased test coverage
  • Reduced defects
  • Enhanced experience for the end-user
Benefits from the solution
  • Auto-generates test cases, test scripts, and test reports from a modeled system
  • Test scripts are available in multiple formats (e.g., Excel, VB, Java, C#, MAGiX, OATS)
  • Auto-generates test documentation (test plans in HTML, Word, and PDF format)
  • Automates design-to-execution tests
  • Integrates with any ALM (application lifecycle management) program
  • Reduces costs and human resource
  • Enhanced quality and coverage
  • 100% reusability of test assets
  • Existing test assets can be repurposed into automated models 
Solution differentiators
  • Reduces creation time of tests by +50%
  • Increases functional coverage by up to 50%
  • More accurate detection of testing faults
  • Reduces maintenance work by up to 50%
  • Reduces end-to-end release cycle time by +30%
  • Standardizes the automated testing-framework
  • Easier migration of the testing framework
  • Reduces costs by up to 30%

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