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Enhance Efficiency

Our TDM solution provides data automation through data sub-setting, masking, and synthetic data generation. It allows testers to store, share, and reuse data sets to enhance testing efficiency and produce accurate test data quickly.


Key Features

  • Supports multiple data formats
  • Enables continuous integration/continuous delivery
  • Produces multiple copies of data with no storage limit
  • Facilitates data cataloging
  • Locates and reserves data from your centralized repository
  • Runs analytics of test-date
  • Self-service platform allows you to repurpose test data sets

Solution Benefits

  • Increases test coverage by up to 80%, ensuring quality data
  • Reduces manual errors by 80% through automated data processing
  • Reduces data processing time by 70%
  • Reduces overall testing cycle by 30%
  • Compliant with all legal regulations
  • Scalable to any new environment

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