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Future Ready Aftermarket for the Digital Age

Tech Mahindra’s AftEAZE platform powered by Pega technology manages the lifecycle of aftermarket operations and extended after-sales service. AftEAZE delivers a configurable and modular platform to kick-start and accelerate your journey towards a state of the art, future-ready aftermarket support system, and provides intelligent post-sales service at the right time and at reduced costs.

End-to-end automated warranty management process that is standardized, pays the right amount and eliminates claim variability
Re-engineered and standardized extended service contract processes
Fully automated contact center processes aiding customers, customer support and field service technicians, with a knowledge base of service history, error codes & related manuals
Ensure first-time right servicing by identifying expensive parts and their replacements
Improve cross-sell/upsell by presenting customer with the next best offer / action based on customer profile
Support OEMs, Dealers and Suppliers in doing an end-end root cause analysis of the failures and bring transparency in the claim recovery process.

AftEAZE Platform

Intelligent Automation

A dynamic business-processing engine automates the whole gamut of aftermarket management and extended service contracts thereby removing procedural bottlenecks.

Real-time intelligence

Turning data into informative insights smarter decision-making

Enhanced Service Experience

Unified digital hub to streamline interactions and optimize omni-channel view of customer, product and services, creating an exceptional platform experience

Legacy Modernization

Supports towards growth of revenue, profitability and improved CX through consolidation and process standardization

Proven Business Benefits

  • Self-funding model – ROI driven business
  • Better customer experience and NPS - “fixed right the first time”
  • 100% correct claims and reduced Operational cost by 10-15%. Successful cost recovery from suppliers
  • Faster time-to-market of new business models around servicification
  • Significant reduction in diagnostics lead time. Improves FTFR, MTTR metrics.
  • Reduced repair time by 30%
  • Additional revenues from increased extended service contracts
  • Repair forecasting allows for dynamic management of inventory of spares
  • Improvement in execution speeds for timely reimbursements
  • Overall improved product ownership experience
  • Online pre approval of repairs help reduce customer waiting time from hours to minutes
  • Personalized extended warranty contracts at reduced prices
  • First-time-right servicing
  • Real time, contextual access to servicing and repair data helps improve product quality
  • Saving of parts--supplier traceability related costs and disputes
  • Reduced NTF claims through analytical tools and engineering test benches
  • Moving the recovery model from a target based approach to a root cause based approach

Impact Delivered to Clients

$53 million in savings per annum

Being the second largest automobile manufacturer, the client was spending an alarming $3.5 billion annually for warranty claims when they turned to Tech Mahindra for support.

The project called for a global implementation, across geographies covered in phased launches. Following the implementation of the WarrantEAZE system, the automaker saw savings of a minimum of $53 Million a year, along with a 400% improvement in their execution speeds.

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$4 million monthly savings for Japanese auto OEM

Tech Mahindra has worked closely with a Japanese auto OEM on their warranty transformation program. The warranty analytics framework that we deployed used a statistical model that intercepted claims and ran them past pre-set criteria before they were adjudicated. This allowed the OEM to claim control over their repairs, thereby translating into savings of up to $4 million on their warranty costs.

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Over 50% of warranty claim processing automated

High lead times at service centres, caused by delays in various warranty management sub-processes, led to lagging dealer service. The OEM was paying close to 1.8% of their revenues as warranty costs. This led to them reaching out to Tech Mahindra to automate more than half of their claims processing and help them save at least 10% of the current spend, detect fraudulent claims, as well as recover costs and parts effectively from suppliers.

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Supplier Cost Recovery for ROI of $25 Million Annually

Blueprinting roadmap for a large global auto OEM to implement industry best practices and a foundation for global recovery program

AI for Identifying Saving Opportunities of $40 Million Annually

Prevalidation engine that interfaces with existing system claims and identifies problematic claims, anomalies from part, labor operations code, and comments.

Extended Service Contracts Delivered within 10 weeks

Sales quotation platform to offer and register service contracts building better Customer and dealer relationships

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