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Tenzing, a Tech Mahindra company, is a Guidewire PartnerConnect™ consulting partner since 2007 and offers a complete suite of services for Guidewire InsurancePlatform™. Tenzing provides a unique blend of management and technology consulting services which leverages a one-stop shop for delivery of solutions to our insurance customers. Tenzing has provided implementation services, resources and integration specialists to major insurers across the portfolio of Guidewire products.

500+ P&C Consultants
1000 Automated Use cases
165+ Guidewire Professionals
10 End-to-End Implementations
14+ Years of Guidewire Industry Experience
Guidewire with Tech Mahindra & Tenzing

Partnership Vision and Alignment


  • Guidewire center of excellence
  • Guidewire certified consultants, configurations experts
  • Developers, testers and regional GTM leads
  • Strategy
  • Team of 165+ GW experts
  • 500+ P&C insurance SMEs
  • Continuous investments on Guidewire capabilities
Insurance Innovation

  • Innovation lab
  • IntelliClaims – STP of the end-to-end claims process
  • Sentinel – IoT and automation based risk management
  • Zero Touch Underwriting – STP of the underwriting process using OCR/ICR and automation bots
  • eBANCA – Agent ecosystem management
Tech Mahindra Guidewire Service Offerings

Why Tech Mahindra?

Enable Digital Transformation

Augment GuideWire’s implementation by leveraging Tech Mahindra’s deep in-house customer experience partnerships

Deliver Service Excellence

NewAgeDELIVERY - An AI-powered IT delivery platform providing digital assurance and consistent quality

Increased Convenience

Insurance Practice - Advisory services design for change

Accelerate Product Launch

Deep integration capabilities and IPaaS functional / test automation through Litmus T (Intelligent Test Automation Platform)

Empower Business Users

Develop Guidewire specific solutions leveraging AQT – AI and automation practices

Harness Open Ecosystem

Leverage Tech Mahindra’s growing insurtech and horizontal technology partner ecosystem

Drive Process Improvements

Reduce cost of claims - #Intelliclaims, a proprietary claims automation platform
Accurate risk assessment - #Sentinel, a proprietary risk management platform

Reduce IT Complexity

TechM Cloud Services & Zen3Tech Enable skilling through #NewAgeDELIVERY Platform

Service Offerings

Implementation, Configuration & Integration Services

Deep expertise in Guidewire implementation, configuration, and integration services

  • Guidewire customization
  • Guidewire module integration
  • Third party application integration

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Cloud Offerings

A cloud migration framework to assess a client’s suitability for migration to the Guidewire cloud while working closely with the Guidewire cloud assessment teams to analyse existing deployments

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Digital Assurance

Leading global insurers have successfully leveraged Tech Mahindra’s testing approach for Guidewire implementation

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Jutro is an adaptable system of meta-data driven UI components and interactions that support best practices in user interface design

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Implementation, Configuration & Integration Services

Integration Services

  • Strong API capabilities across different technologies
  • Experience in numerous API approaches, REST, SOAP, RPC, ESB, messaging
  • Strong enterprise pattern-based approach to interface definition for systems at scale and performance
  • Promotor of API led approach to definition
  • Significant training undertaken to uplift skill base across multiple platforms and technologies
  • API and microservices architecture and implementation experience
End-to-End Guidewire Capability

  • Strong architecture & design capability and domain expertise across life, health and general insurance industries
  • Integration expertise for peripheral systems across multiple middleware technologies
  • Experience in integrating to and from enterprise architecture components such as ERP, CRM, GL etc. and legacy systems such as mainframe
  • Deep Guidewire configuration and integration capabilities across multiple versions of the insurance suite since 2007;
  • Strong document management and production integration capability
  • Experienced agile practitioners – projects to date have been scrum-based; ability to train client teams
  • Technical project management & programme leadership / recovery expertise
Supporting Services: Document Solutions

  • Strong document integration capability utilising a number of different technologies and platforms
  • Tenzing has provided expertise in the document management streams of most of our Guidewire implementations
  • Experienced in  integrating Guidewire applications to systems  point-to-point and utilising ESB’s such as MuleSoft
  • Experienced in integrating to third-party print houses and specification of the requisite interfaces
  • OpenText partner with expertise in the BPI, management and composition components of the platform
  • Experience with SmartCOMMTM  hybrid and cloud solutions

Cloud Offerings

Guidewire Cloud Adoption Framework-

  • We utilise a cloud migration framework to assess our customer’s suitability for migration to the Guidewire Cloud. Our cloud migration framework is a six-step approach for a successful Guidewire Cloud adoption.
  • We have expertise around the building blocks around infrastructure: Applications, Server Hardware, O/S, Virtualisation, SAN, Storage, Network LAN/WAN, Switching, Firewalls and the Shift to Cloud-based Deployments.
  • Our Cloud capabilities: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
Tech Mahindra Guidewire Cloud Offerings

Digital Assurance

  • Strong Guidewire testing domain expertise in implementations
  • 12 active engagements across multiple geographies
  • Over 160 dedicated guidewire professionals
  • One global organization exclusively focused on the insurance and guidewire implementations
A Pioneer QA Organization for the Guidewire suite Dedicated test lab with -

  • 1000+ reusable out of the box (OOTB) functional test case repository (PolicyCenter 10.0 , ClaimCenter 10.0, BillingCenter 10.0 )
  • Integration testing framework through virtualized service, integrations for vendor and legacy systems through CA/LISA
  • Litmus T - Tech Mahindra’s intelligent test automation platform (rating, segmentation and assignment, document management/forms) with various test management tools (ALM, JIRA, Rally)
  • Self service test data management solution

  • Testing accelerators using business models and process components
  • Test automation frameworks
  • Third party and open source tools
  • Domain and testing training facility


Craft stellar digital experiences using the world’s most trusted P&C platform. Starting with Guidewire Digital 11, Jutro is an adaptable system of meta-data driven user interface (UI) components and interactions that support best practices in UI design. By using Jutro to build digital products for the insurance industry, designers, developers, and product owners can streamline the effort it takes to create beautiful and compelling product
Tech Mahindra participated in the Guidewire Jutro Hackathon 2021 and have trained associates within policy, claims and billing forte. Explore the ability to build your applications using Jutro's design system and UI framework and experience how Jutro accelerates building P&C insurance micro and macro experiences efficiently using Guidewire cloud platform and API

Jutro specific usecases from TechM Guidewire Lab

  • Digital subrogation in claims  powered by blockchain  
  • Low touch and no touch process  for simpler claims
  • Empowering claimants through digital FNOL and handlers through geo spatial imagery powered remote claims
  • Data annotation of claims documents, images and speech
  • Improving claims ratio through ML driven fraud flagging

  • Bots driven automated advisory, insurance shopper and quote assistant
  • Two question quoting for SMB
  • Digital risk assessment and underwriting
  • AI driven underwriting decisions and pricing corrections

Leading the Way

  • Case Studies
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  • Blogs
Implementing Full-suite Guidewire Cloud for AIOI Nissay Dowa Insurance

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Guidewire cloud platform for one of the top New Zealand based insurer.

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Guidewire claims transformation for one of the largest private motor insurers.

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Guidewire full suite implementation State-run, insurance corporation in workers compensation in ANZ.

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Guidewire transformation to one of the largest general insurer across all personal and commercial lines.
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Guidewire Practice Overview

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Offering Cyber Insurance via Surance

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Guidewire Cloud Services

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Guidewire Jutro Capability

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Guidewire Digital Assurance

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General Insurance Claims Transformation in ANZ

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