Lending and Leasing is a specialised business vertical in BFSI space having an array of solutions with underlying technology and digital prowess
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Customer attitudes, behaviors and aspirations have become the driving force of change in lending institutions. Banks will need transition to a realm of adaptive banking, from being product-centric to customer-centric, delivering finance that is integrated well into a customer’s lifestyle and expectations, to derive maximum value to stakeholders.

Fintechs and challenger banks have managed to erode the market share of traditional banks, especially in unsecured lending by providing speed, convenience and excellent customer service to consumers. Financial institutions are accelerating their digital transformation journey to open up their infrastructure and data through secure application programming interfaces (APIs), for consumption by third party systems and providers. This will enable banks to transform into a trusted advisor with an ecosystem of alliances to deliver integrated propositions around core customers’ needs.

From conversational AI in the form of chatbots to deliver context-based service to its customers, to Cognitive RPA enabling banks to intelligently automate manual credit processes, AI is all pervasive in financial institutions. Additionally, lending institutions are leveraging advanced analytics to drive contextualization and personalization with AI-led next best action strategies. Analytical insights derived from a single view of customer, can lead to increased engagement, reduction in churn rate, and greater brand loyalty.

Tech M Lending Value chain

Lending Solutions

Mortgage Hub: Target B’s mortgage innovation

Mortgage Hub is the first digital mortgage platform in a generation to be designed from the ground up, and the first to be genuinely built with insights driven customer experience. Mortgage Hub’s application to offer in 20 seconds, and one click remortgage is powered by Open Banking. The solution enables reduced costs for the lender, allows increased broker throughput and increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Yabx: Consumer and Microfinance loans

Yabx is a fintech platform within Mahindra Group focussing on digital lending products for retail and MSME segments. Yabx, through its partnerships with leading customer and merchant acquirers like Mobile operators, digital wallet providers, online payment gateways and PoS Aggregators enables Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to underwrite and service new-to-credit segments using proprietary AI and ML algorithms on massive amounts of alternate data and helps FSPs create a profitable portfolio.

Customer-Serv: Omni-Channel self –service

A digital omni-channel, hosted solution for customers of financial institutions to raise, monitor and track service requests pertaining to all financial products (asset, liability, insurance and investment), through a digital self-service portal. The solution reduces processing time by 60-80% by automating triage and embedding decision rules.

Decision Engine: Credit Underwriting Framework

Tech M’s solutions leveraging advanced machine learning(ML) models help lending organizations perform augmented underwriting using alternate data sources for new-to-credit customers. ML models can be deployed to improve customer engagement through personalized offers / messages to increase cross/ up-sell revenues and additionally, offer flexible pricing options.

Service Offerings

  • BPS Loan/Mortgage
  • CX Management
  • Digital Lending
  • Lending Analytics
  • Intelligent
  • Blockchain

Business Process Services Loan/Mortgage

Target Group, a Tech Mahindra Company is a market-leading business services provider of loans and mortgages, creating value for clients through digital strategies, customer journey optimization, process outsourcing, and operational transformation. With more than £25bn of loan assets under management, Target Group’s product range offers an end to end servicing proposition from originations to account closure, complaints handling and collections.

CX Management

Tech Mahindra’s CX offerings provide unprecedented advantage to clients in bringing profound customer insights, technology enablers and operations capabilities to help transform & partner with clients in their pursuit to embrace digital disruption. Particularly in lending, Tech M has implemented fully digitized mortgage application solutions with a user-centric design process using behavioral science nudges, to help users take action and complete the journey, whilst delivering tangible outputs quickly.

Digital Lending

With its vast pool of domain experts specialized in lending, Tech M has delivered several custom-built loan/mortgage applications for its clients globally. Digital lending applications are built leveraging application development toolsets and methodologies, using COTS products or leveraging platforms such as Pega.

Lending Analytics

Tech M has worked with clients to implement lending analytics across the lifecycle of the loan in the areas of customer acquisition, credit underwriting, customer engagement, servicing and collections. Customer 360 data model is leveraged for developing analytical insights which is then leveraged across the lending value chain to drive customer engagement through personalization, build brand loyalty and reduce churn.

Intelligent Automation

Tech M has worked with clients globally on automation of various front, middle and back office processes in the lending value chain. Front office automation in the form of multi-channel digital customer service, leveraging virtual assistants and conversational AI, provide personalized digital customer service. RPA and AI technologies have been used in loan document management, underwriting, and servicing thereby improving productivity, SLA’s and quality adherence in the loan document life cycle.


TechM has identified Lending as one of the key areas for Blockchain adoption. An award-winning VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) based blockchain solution has been deployed by Tech M in a large Public Sector Bank in India, ensuring improved transparency and elimination of inherent delays associated with processing and compliance. Blockchain-enabled KYC solutions ensure effortless, swift and secure onboarding associated with a digital document wallet incorporated with permissioned based sharing.

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