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Our banking experts provide end-to-end system integration and transformation services, including legacy modernization, upgrades, cloud, open banking, automation, analytics, security, regulatory compliance, and risk management. With extensive experience in digital banking solutions (Temenos, Avaloq, FIS, Finastra, and more), we ensure a seamless digital transformation.

Our Services

Managed Implementation Services

An implementation partner should be platform agnostic during the selection process – enthusiastic, experienced, and adept during the design, development, and rollout phases – informative, responsive, and flexible during post-implementation. 


The goal is to avoid replicating the "as is" situation in a new system and instead craft a reimagined landscape that fosters alignment with standard banking processes, thus resulting in improved function and operational efficiency.

System Integration

As a leading system integrator, Tech Mahindra has a wealth of experience delivering comprehensive business and system integration services. Our proven approach ensures that the methods best fit our client's unique circumstances.

Application Management

We have a deep understanding of how intricate banking operations are and the evolving requirements to provide robust and reliable run-the-bank (RTB) and change-the-bank services (CTB).

Upgrade Factory

Tech Mahindra provides a smooth, simplified, and standardized deployment methodology. Our low-risk and reduced time-to-market upgrades using frequent online deployments are accompanied by complete documentation and professional consulting services.

Managed Testing

We provide a complete range of product testing services, including automation through a specialized product testing team supported by a large QA team.

Expert Training

Tech Mahindra provides expert training services to financial institutions on effectively using banking products to manage business and application services.

Data Migration

We enable clients to execute complex data migration on time and within budget. With a solid track record of successful migration projects, we have developed an optimal methodology that supports the complete implementation process. 

DevOps Transforming Business

Our DevOps delivery methodology is aligned with best practices and continuous integration guidelines using market-standard tools. Alignment of development, packaging, defect tracking, and monitoring tools integrated with the Tech Mahindra ADOPT framework provides a project dashboard to managers and project leads. 

Cloud Services

A comprehensive cloud services portfolio allows enterprises to choose the preferred cloud approach to address their business needs by leveraging Tech Mahindra accelerators.

Platforms and Products

Temenos Practice

Tech Mahindra is a Temenos Global Partner with over two decades of experience working with financial institutions worldwide. Our methodology is fully aligned with Temenos’s recommended implementation processes. Our deep expertise in Temenos products and technologies has developed various tools and accelerators to ensure superior quality, faster execution, and cost-effective solutions.

Avaloq Practice

Tech Mahindra has been a global implementation partner for Avaloq since 2006, offering end-to-end services. We support clients throughout the Avaloq transformation journey, from the requirement analysis and system selection to implementation, testing, and post-support. With a team of certified professionals and deep domain experts, we cater to a wide range of Avaloq products and services, pooling the best talent to get the best solutions.

FIS Practice

Tech Mahindra established a dedicated FIS Center of Excellence in 2018 to focus on FIS product suites, including Systematics, Profile 8, Originate, Cortex, and OPF. Services across the Cortex platform include development, commercial digital payment, wealth and retirement, consumer e-banking, FIS payments, and business development.


Tech Mahindra offers a multi-jurisdictional solution for fiscal calculation and reporting. SaveTax is a robust solution for banks with multinational operations forced to accommodate a variety of tax reporting schemes. The product’s rules-based engine and unique architecture enable it to cope with increasingly complex, ever-changing tax rules. It allows a state-of-the-art three-dimensional perspective on tax calculation.


The WILF migration solution provides a flexible, user-friendly ETL solution for data migrations. This unique tool handles the process from end to end, providing risk-free migration management for any project of any size.

Source Control Manager

Source Control Manager (SCM) is an automated deployment and release management solution that lets developers and release managers centrally control changes to all Temenos transact technical environments. It ensures system enhancements are accurately applied and eliminates the risk of human error, thereby reducing associated costs. SCM gives our customers a clear and cost-efficient view of the lifecycle of their system enhancements throughout the various stages of development, testing, and release. 

Systematic Extract Migration

SEM is a Temenos Transact compliant, parameter-based data migration, universal interface, and workflow management solution tool that allows users to create “intelligent” interfaces and automated Transact-based workflows based upon external and internal triggers. This powerful workflow management solution allows Temenos Transact users to create personalized workflows. 

Testing Automation - Core Banking Test Automation Solution

  • Test automation built on the Selenium framework and custom Temenos
  • Simple and powerful – Easy for beginners, powerful for experts
  • Business content – Write in English, code in Selenium
  • DevOps integration – Seamless integration with CI/CD pipeline
  • Framework – Web-based front-end tool and easily portable on a Windows machine 
  • Test management – Easily publish test results

Test Data Management Tool

  • Extract data from one Temenos test environment and push it to other target environments
  • Edit, copy, delete, and create data
  • Accommodate multiple target environments

Test Data Generation Tool

  • API-based automation utility

Leading the Way


Case Study

Banking Ensemble

Bermuda’s preferred bank successfully migrated to a comprehensive banking ensemble with TechM's proficiency.


Case Study

Wealth Management Suite

Top ranked bank in Asia with a complex portfolio wanted to evolve with a strong wealth management suite.


Case Study

Multi-Country Implementation and New Framework Customization

East Africa’s Leading privately owned bank, with a successful business model for over 50 years, goes for a multi-country implementation and new framework customization.


Case Study

Private Banking Solution

Global leading bank, with a history of over 150 years, chose TechM as their implementation partner for their private banking solution.


Case Study

Transformation Upgrade

Vietnam’s leading commercial bank underwent an upgrade transformation using TechM’s expertise.



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