Bharath Vasudevan
Chief Capability Officer – Tech Mahindra BPS

In highly volatile markets, one strategy that remains constant for business success is ensuring flexibility and developing capacities that allow for scaling up and down. But when creating a highly agile system, complexities in maintaining the infrastructure can certainly be expected.

An increasing demand for innovative solutions to access and capture new markets is coming in from businesses services. Consequently, sustaining the business demands is putting high pressure on processes, generating the need for efficient and reliable IT and automation services. And in this corporate environment, the BPaaS operations model can be exactly what expanding businesses need since it can provide a solid foundation for scalability and agility.

BPaaS offerings are enabled by digital core, AI capabilities and automation so businesses can quickly move from the stage of exploration to acceptance to global adoption. Let’s understand the reason for it.

What is the BPaaS Business Model?

Business process as a service or BPaaS is demand-based operations model connected to other services, including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS. It is a type of business process outsourcing where businesses can outsource readymade and customized processes so customers can leverage the pay-per-use service offering. It provides key deliverables to companies aiming for agility and scalability in today’s complex markets without the need to huge capital in people, technology, and processes.

BPaaS services are constructed for multitenancy, which makes better use of resources and infrastructure possible. Further, a variety of high-tech BPaaS services run on cloud to cater to different markets, including telecom, retail, utilities, healthcare, insurance, BFS, F&A, and many more – which makes the entire model all the more lucrative.

What are the Benefits of BPaaS Services?

Integrating BPaaS service in your business can be the right move when you’re looking to stay flexible in an unpredictable market. Businesses can not only save millions on infrastructural expenses but can also get started immediately with customizable, ready-to-use models. You can have experts run your processes and scale your business seamlessly without heavy investments and weeks of setting up.

Let’s read about BPaaS benefits in terms of digital business agility, scalability, and cost optimization in a little more detail.

How Can BPaaS Improve Business Agility?

When businesses identify a new opportunity that must be capitalized quickly, there arises an immediate need for setting up processes and system to deliver, which may take 3 to 4 weeks and sometimes more. And if they decide to invest the time that the entire setup usually takes, the opportunity may be lost. But with the BPaaS model, companies can readily leverage IT resources on demand. Organizations can make the most of available network infrastructure and IT applications to gain value immediately.

How Can BPaaS Help Achieve Business Scalability?

Agile businesses tend to be more flexible and can actively respond to changing business demands. But this may not be possible when you have to frequently scale up or down because of the potential opportunities. However, with the BPaaS offerings, you can immediately start a process that may possibly require hundreds of new recruits, without really making this investment and bearing the financial impact. It can help businesses achieve scalability, which in turn can have some other significant benefits.

For example, when independent scaling is done, BPaaS resources are leveraged as per the current requirement or business opportunity. And in case a service or process fails, it can be isolated and fixed without affecting the entire system. Also, when an opportunity ceases, the process can be de-scaled and the cost of maintaining resources can also be saved since you need not own the IT infrastructure.

How Can You Save Costs with BPaaS Services?

In different ways, actually. With service offerings as per your specific needs, you can save on operational expenses. The BPaaS model saves the cost of hardware and software so the overall IT cost is reduced. Setting up new processes or departments can also put forth the need for recruitment, which can be one of the biggest expenses in this case.

With the help of BPaaS services, you can deal with the cost upfront and be in a much better position to reduce business expenditure, which may not be the case if setting up in-house infrastructure.

Tech Mahindra BPaaS Offerings and 360-Degree CX Transformation

Tech Mahindra is the pioneer in the BPO industry and also one of the leading and reputed names. With our years of experience in business process services and bringing digital change, we offer innovative BPaaS solutions that cater to different industries and use cases. Our Business Process as a Service model is enabled by best-in-class technology, powered by AI-driven analytics and intelligent automation technology. It bundles the infrastructure, application, and business process layers into a combined offering.

Across verticals and horizontals, our current portfolio consists of 25+ BPaaS offerings, including digital process automation, field service transformation, fiber rollout as a service, product information management, content moderation, metadata services, contact center digitization, and many more.

At Tech Mahindra, our focus is on 360-degree CX transformation, which is the focal point in all our digital transformation strategies. Our BPaaS offerings consist of modern-day technology that enables everything from data management to analysis to customer experience management. With AI-powered tools from conversational AI chatbots to self-service analytics platform and productivity monitoring tools, we have got you covered.

Have questions about how you can take advantage of our BPaaS service offerings? Visit our website and send our team your query.

About the Author

Bharath Vasudevan
Chief Capability Officer – Tech Mahindra BPS

Bharath has over two decades of experience in leadership roles across global MNCs and privately held organizations. He is skilled at incubating and growing new ideas and businesses, fostering technology-led innovation especially in VUCA environments, relationship management and managing large, globally dispersed, and diverse workforces.

As Head of Capabilities for the business process services (BPS) portfolio at Tech Mahindra, Bharath is responsible for all the service offerings of the organization and ensures that Tech Mahindra’s BPaaS solutions, industry and domain capabilities are continuously honed and geared for cutting-edge and transformative service delivery to our clients. Bharath also oversees the architecting and implementation of new solutions, business consulting services as well as management of all our partnerships and alliances across the globe.