Subin John
Global Head – Digital Workplace Services
Tech Mahindra

Can Businesses Bridge the Gap Between End-User and IT Needs?

Beyond upending the traditional work habits, we have so delicately practiced for years — for many companies, an overnight event -- the pandemic has gone one step further to challenge our definition of the workplace and nudge businesses and employees alike to embrace the inevitability of remote working. A more distributed location-agnostic workforce is now the new normal, and this modern, geographically dispersed diaspora desires flexibility and tools to work wherever they want using whatever devices they choose to.

According to Gartner “The Gartner survey found that digital workers increased their reliance on portable devices during 2020. Workers reported an 11% increase in the proportion of their work time spent on laptops, smartphones or tablets.” [M1] .1 There was a rise in workers using personal technology for work to make up for their companies’ technology shortcomings. This proliferation of different devices, various workplace infrastructure, and dynamically shifting workloads further increased the strain on already stressed IT departments. In spending their time to remotely try and resolve device related and other IT issues, they have little to no time left to strategize the crucial digital transformation agenda at hand. In this scenario, it has become critical for business leaders to realize the short- and long-term benefits of a digitized workplace environment.

Transforming the Workspace Experience with FLEX VDI

FLEX VDI is fully managed from resource provisioning and load balancing to ongoing support, accelerating efficiency and business agility with cloud-based or hybrid solutions. These virtual desktop environments will not only allow businesses to obtain critical applications and data that ensure productive workflow for their fluctuating workloads, but also free up IT professionals to support a more strategic approach that drives innovation back to the business.

What started as a trend is now here to stay. FLEX VDI solutions will keep evolving with growing technologies, such that value delivery is consistent. Today’s CIOs are tasked with designing innovative and intelligent workspaces with effective digital collaboration tools that offer seamless integration. They must prepare their technology stacks, office spaces, IT teams and mindsets to lean into the new future of the digital workplace.

Redefining Workspaces of the Future with FLEX VDI

Tech Mahindra’s FLEX VDI Solution, powered by Intel® architecture, enables workspace transformation through a digitally augmented workspace environment, optimizing productivity and flexibility. It is designed to deliver a unified workspace experience using a hybrid workspace delivery model that leverages virtualization, enterprise mobility, and context aware security. FLEX VDI skillfully combines hardware – to leverage dedicated compute, memory and highly scalable network resources – and software – to bring to the table better traffic management, nanoseconds latency, persistent user personalization and standardization of workspace environments, and automation of operations and processes that deliver IT services.

With quicker data flows, FLEX VDI empowers end-users with personalized and automated workload management and virtualized workflows, simplified content migration to the cloud, a large memory workspace thanks to the breakthrough Intel® Optane™ persistent memory technology, and a compute and graphics enabled workspace allowing for seamlessly-accessed remote workstations. These systems are able to provision more memory with lower cost, and meet the requirements of memory intense workloads.

As for enabling a safe and secure environment, increased memory security with automatic hardware-level encryption makes the platform much more secure. This help in enabling IT managers to protect the system from attacks below the OS, and providing remote security patching capabilities.

Centralized workstations and simplified backend operations enable enhanced user experience in an economical way, while significantly lowering turnarounds on IT resources. Furthermore, FLEX VDI enables IT to easily assist their end users through flexible and scalable solutions that integrate with any customer environment, regardless of the OS, device, or cloud environment. This simplifies tedious IT obligations and allows them to fulfill the role they were meant to do, that is, to focus on more strategic ways of serving the users of the technology – and by extension, the overall business’s customers.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Future-proofing your organization today means striking a balance between existing technologies and enterprise needs. Tech Mahindra FLEX VDI Solution not only provides an effective tool today, but also a way of preparing for the capricious road ahead. The value it generates is both short- and long-term – business continuity, increased agility from adoption of new technologies, improved employee productivity through better user experience from Intel® powered deployments with superior latency.