Digital Learning Solutions

In today’s world, talent management is synonymous with business excellence. The success of any new digital intervention depends on the success of adoption. Also, with new technology developments every day, organizations need to ensure that their people are cross-skilled and upskilled at the speed of change. They need to constantly unlearn and relearn.

So, are your people enabled enough?

  • Is your organization performance strategy linked to learning strategy?
  • Do all your employees know their individual goals and objectives and how they tie to corporate goals?
  • Are you extending goals and objectives, and enterprise learning to the extended enterprise of partners, suppliers and customers?
  • Are your learning systems and styles catching up with the new trends and technology?

Tech Mahindra’s Learning Services can help with strategic solutions to address these questions positively.

Our Digital Training Solutions

  • Competency-Based Learning
    • Conduct learning and competency needs assessment
    • Create role-based curriculum and personalized learning paths
    • Define strategies to measure learning effectiveness and continuous improvement
  • Creative and Engaging E-Learning
    • Develop custom training on varied content types like product, process, technical, HES, compliance, software application, and on-boarding solutions
    • Use of different strategies like scenario-based learning, storytelling, and gamification
  • Change Management and Product Adoption
    • Develop communication artefacts such as mailers, posters, games, infomercial videos, teasers, etc.
    • Create effective role-based classroom training, e-learning, job aids, etc.
    • Use of digital product adoption tools like WalkMe and MyGuide for quick induction and continuous on the job support
  • Gamification
    • Making learning fun blended with achievements and consistent progression
    • Use of badges and levels
  • Micro Learning
    • Bite sized learning for the superfast generation
    • Quick read videos, articles, quizzes, etc.
  • Mobile Learning
    • Learning and reference material accessible via Web and mobile apps
  • Immersive Learning
    • Use of 3D visualization and simulations
    • Provide a risk-free environment for learners to practice, fail, relearn and master
  • Experiential Learning
    • Transporting the learning to the actual place of work
    • Use of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • Technical Writing
    • Development of artefacts such as user guides, online help, portal content, functional specifications, system and project documentation
  • Translation and Localization
    • Translate training content into 100+ languages to meet the needs of the diverse learner population

Centre of Excellence (COE) Solutions

TechM learning services helps you stay ahead of the curve, drive business transformation and better ROI through its centre of excellence solutions.

Improve and optimize your learning organization by way of established processes & tools, trained manpower, development accelerators, reusability of artefacts, and industry best practices to improve productivity, quality, and ROI.

  • One-stop centralized hub for all solutions – from TNA to content development to LMS hosting and maintenance
  • Standardized training & content development
  • Shared pool of resources for all business units
  • Ability to service multiple requests from across business groups and locations
  • Capability to deliver in an onsite-offshore model for optimum cost benefit
  • Focus on quality reusability, innovation and robust project governance