Intelligent Talent Acquisition with Eightfold

One of the key responsibilities of HR is to get the right candidates for the right positions in your organization. Recent reports say that a bad hire can cost from USD 25,000 to USD 50,000.” to the main content area as the first line. This means HR needs to spend that much more time and resources on each candidate.

What if there is a way to solve this problem intelligently using technology? is a talent intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence to hire, engage and nurture talent. Talent-centric applications built on this platform enable enterprises to manage the entire lifecycle from prospect to candidate to alumni.


  • AI-powered solution
  • Helps marry internal data with externally available data to drive insights
  • Has the unique ability to use Machine Learning to predict “what’s next” for people
  • Helps find the best-fit candidates in lesser time
  • Reduces bias and improves candidate experience.

Service Offerings

Tech Mahindra provides implementation and customization solutions for Eightfold.