Learning on Demand with EdCast

Organizations sometimes have a problem of plenty. They have a whole lot of documentation on historical projects stored in repositories like SharePoint. They are also subscribed to external training sources like Udemy, EdX, PluralSight, SkillSoft, etc. Yet when there is a need to get the right information at the right time, your employees struggle.

EdCast solves the problem of discovery with its intelligent AI, ML-based content discovery and curation platform.


  • Pulls personalized content from multiple external and internal sources, including your LMS
  • Helps your employees access the information they want at exactly the time and place of need
  • Improves employee learning, productivity, and performance

Service Offerings

  • Provide implementation and integration solutions for EdCast
  • Due diligence on learning solution and engagement calendar for program success
  • Guide customers on how to create learning pathways and journey and create appropriate curriculum
  • Act as product champions to help customers adopt EdCast and ensure that the business goals are met