Partnership Overview

Tech Mahindra’s strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum fosters the rise of a new age of technologies that have the potential to overcome global challenges. The partnership aims to bring together people to drive and influence change and ensure that technology plays a key role in becoming the change maker. As a leading provider of digital transformation, Tech Mahindra continues to actively contribute to and collaborate with World Economic Forum across various platforms on themes such as AI, Sustainability, Quantum Computing, 5G, Digital, and the future of business.

Leading with Collaborative Thought Leadership

Supercomputers, AI and the metaverse: here’s what you need to know

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a lot of hype, skepticism, cynicism, and confusion surrounding the concept of the metaverse

Quantum Computing Governance Principles

Quantum computing may be at an early stage of development, but it is witnessing massive public investments and huge growth in venture capital financing.

Chatbots RESET Framework Pilot Projects: Using Chatbots in Healthcare

Conversational AI is everywhere – in our phones and in devices scattered around our homes. Now this technology is rapidly being used in healthcare, which opens up incredible opportunities to increase healthcare access globally

The AI Governance Journey: Development and Opportunities

The field of AI governance has grown rapidly over the last five years with an immediate challenge to ensure responsible application and practices

Digital Culture: The Driving Force of Digital Transformation

Makers Lab, the premier R&D wing of Tech Mahindra was set up to solve problems for not just customers, but society at large by apply co-innovation with customers, academia and government, with researched topics including core AI, Robotics, and quantum technologies.

4 areas we can decode to achieve a sustainable decade by CP Gurnani, Former MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra

Achieving a sustainable decade by decoding the future of everything. CP Gurnani, Former MD & CEO at Tech Mahindra shares his insights on how to witness the dawn of sustainable economies it is important to decode the future of everything from deglobalisation to customer experience. Learn the Four area to know the next of everything.

This tech company accelerated its R&D-led innovations to mitigate the COVID-19 surge in India by Nikhil Malhotra, Chief Innovation Officer, Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra’s R&D Led Innovations mitigating the surge of Covid-19 in India with Makers Lab, the R&D arm of the organization. India being under unprecedented pressure needs an immediate call of duty. Three ways in which Tech Mahindra is responding to the COVID crisis in India with dedication and speed.

Bridging the Governance Gap: Interoperability for block chain and legacy systems

Learn how clear definition of blockchain terminology is crucial to understanding and conveying ideas precisely. Amey Rajput, GM- Blockchain, Tech Mahindra shares his insights as part of this whitepaper.

Chatbots Reset: A Framework for Governing Responsible Use of Conversational AI in Healthcare

A Framework for Governing Responsible Use of Conversational AI in Healthcare. AI is the new electricity, and data the new fuel, the realization of an augmented pollution (AP) has dawned upon, reflecting upon the maleficent usage of this technology. CP Gurnani, Former MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra shares his thoughts on how AI and its many principles are in action.

Global Technology Summit 2021: The Future of Digital Infrastructure

Tech Mahindra’s Former MD & CEO CP Gurnani shares his insight on effective digital infrastructures being the key to deal with future risks and uncertainties with greater flexibility and resilience

Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2020: Risk Reset

Leaders and individual assess the actions that can face the future risks that COVID-19 pandemic has exposed on the world. Our Former MD & CEO CP Gurnani share how corporates can lead by example by sharing the insights on how corporate sector along with WEF can respond to these challenges.

The Job Reset Summit 2020: Setting New Standards for the Future of Work

Emerging Trends in the future of work with the unprecedented shift in working practices. Our Global CPO and Marketing Head, Harshvendra Soin shares how the new normal has changed to now normal and how is technology accelerating the transformation

Partner Coverage

World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform providing the collective action and coordination needed in the time of urgency. The Tech Mahindra team along with its CSR arm Tech Mahindra foundation have stepped forward to support communities across India.

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