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  • Until a few years ago, the BFSI Industry had always been synonymous with heavy paperwork and snail-speed turnaround. To add to that, errors and lapses led to a considerable loss in terms of both money and credibility.
  • Enter AI with process automation and cognitive learning capabilities, to offer a more customised and enhanced digital experience to customers – more personal, more accurate and much more secure.
  • According to an industry report, the AI market in BFSI will see a tremendous growth of 32% CAGR between 2019 & 2023 (Global Artificial Intelligence Market in BFSI Sector 2019-2023 by Technavio), with most players already adopting AI at different levels.
  • With its pervasive AI capabilities, Tech Mahindra has been assisting BFSI players in implementing automated solutions in various aspects of the industry, especially wealth management, cognitive pre-processing and collating and displaying stock market queries.

You may read all about them in our Solutions and Case Study sections.


Wealth Management
  • Wealth Management is not the same it was a few years ago. It has morphed into a complicated and confusing game with a number of options and a plethora of promises at the investor’s disposal.
  • The number of millionaires and billionaires has increased in the past decade. (Millionaire count - from 3.39 million in 2010 to 5.68 million in 2018 in North America, and in Europe from 3.13 million in 2010 to 4.8 million in 2018, with the U.S. having the most number of billionaires (607) in 2019, according to Forbes).
  • Along with investment and trading options, the investors are also increasing
  • Even individuals with smaller disposable income are looking for avenues to trade and invest with serious intent
  • For a wealth manager, though this looks like a peachy scenario, it also forebodes a massive amount of data to be processed.
Real-time Investment & Trade Advisory (RITA)
  • Tech Mahindra offers RITA - Real-time Investment & Trade Advisory – a highly dynamic Cognitive AI Wealth Management Solution that is designed to revolutionise wealth advisory services with specialised and super-intelligent machine learning.
  • RITA has the potential to innovate products and services based on client’s behavioral patterns, while creating increased and more customised cross-selling opportunities.

RITA - Real-time Investment & Trade Advisory uses cognitive AI, meaning the solution reads data like a human brain, only at a far higher speed, and organises and processes the data based on cognisant as well as recurring patterns, while itself evolving and learning from the data about the customer, their behaviour and market patterns, in order to grow and serve the customers better with more specialised investment and trade advisory.

  • A major factor in the success of wealth management is attributed to the reading patterns and trends – those of the present market and those that the market behavior foretells.
  • For a traditional wealth manager, it takes considerable amount of time and learning to correctly predict the market trends based on availability of market data.
  • RITA can combine the tenets of traditional wealth management and the advancement of machine learning and cognitive analytics to derive a deeper understanding of the market, recognise trends and patterns in the current scenario, and accurately predict the future growth.
  • RITA also reads the customer behaviour and maps it with market trends using unique Personality Insights approach. So, it becomes easy for the wealth manager to classify customers and serve them better.


  • The first-adopter clients who would successfully deploy RITA with Tech Mahindra’s AI-first philosophy are expected to enjoy game-changing results with as much as 20% revenue increase, and 20-30% enhanced advisor productivity.
  • And this is bound to increase as the solution becomes more advanced.

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