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Land Records Management Solution

Land Records Management Solution

The Spatial Data Management (SDM) Program optimizes land resources for the social and economic development of government and its constituents. As a custodian of government land, the Land Authority is responsible for managing all state land and buildings, land acquisitions, leases, sales, surveys development, marketing land information and maintaining the national land information databases.

As part of e-Governance, agencies across the globe want to create, update and maintain its spatial data and associated Computer Aided Design (CAD) floor plans to accurately reflect the agency or government or federally owned inventory.

Our strategic solution for enterprise Geographical Information System (GIS) Address Data Repository helps manage and integrate geographical data across departments.

 - Business Service Offerings

Business Service Offerings

  • Remote sensing
  • 3 dimensional products
  • Road data generation
  • Cartography geo-database management
  • Positional accuracy improvement
 - Technology Service Offerings

Technology Service Offerings

  • Existing dataset analysis
  • Spatial data preparation or update
  • Database fine tuning
  • Spatial data modelling
  • Symbology creation
  • Projection and transformation
  • Development of Quality Control (QC) or Quality Assurance (QA) tools
  • Development of tools for automating data capture, data migration and data update
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For further information please write to