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FASTtRack Retail

FASTtRack Retail is a comprehensive SAP solution for rapid implementation of retail, and includes Solution Manager, point of sale (POS), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) along with the core retail SAP components.

FASTtRack Retail incorporates:

  • Pre-configured SAP building blocks supporting retail business processes
  • Template based on SAP Retail Best Practices (V2.600)
  • Integration with SAP POS and adaptors for 3rd party POS
  • Pre-build retail reports
  • Integration BI and store analytics
  • Customization for specific retail segments

Business Challenges

  • Limited visibility of supply chain
  • Lack of multi-channel efficiency
  • Ineffective merchandizing and promotions
  • Need for shorter, flexible implementation cycles

Key Features

  • Pre-configured solution for SAP Retail with accelerators
  • White spaces addressed for SAP Retail in alignment with Retail Business Process Map
  • End-to-end solution with SAP Solution Manager, SAP POS, Analytics, Mobility, F&R, AFS and PMR along with core Retail System

Key Business Benefits

  • Reduces Overall Cost by 20-25 percent for large scale implementations
  • Reduced implementation and customization time by 30 percent
  • Offers business value out of the box – up to an 80 percent solution for new implementations
  • Improves store profitability at lower cost of operation
  • Increases sales and store operational efficiency
  • Allows early involvement of stakeholders, especially customers
  • Provides a well-defined solution roadmap and rapid implementation methodology
  • Minimizes implementation risks
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For further information please write to