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Hospitality Practice

Our hospitality practice enables hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, casinos, and health and fitness chains to improve business competitiveness. By leveraging alliances with various product vendors who are industry leaders in respective domains, we are well-poised to provide customized technology and business solutions to the hospitality industry.

Our Hospitality Customer Footprints

  • Doha's largest Sports & Fitness Academy
  • World's largest football association
  • 2 of the Asia's leading Leisure and Holiday business
  • Few leading hotel groups
  • Qatar's leading cultural foundation

Health and Fitness Center

Health is wealth!! Today, the fitness centers have become indispensable part of life. To provide optimal facilities and customer service, Health and Fitness centers rely on the latest technologies.

We provide the following innovative solutions:

  • Fitness and membership management system
  • Employee and volunteer management
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Business intelligence and performance management solutions on iPad devices

Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships and Restaurants

In addition to customer satisfaction, economical prices and appetizing food, guests today expect opulence.
Gone are the days when a smile on a face and clean room was enough to keep a guest happy and recurring. Now, the express lifestyle and heavy competition demand hotels to keep up with the unique but easy to use technologies and services.

We offer the following solutions to the hotel industry:

  • Custom built Property Management System
  • Restaurant Management System on iPad and Point of Service (POS)
  • Recipe and inventory management integration
  • TV based guest service solution
  • In-Room technology integration on iPad for hotels
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation
  • Supply chain (purchasing and inventory)
  • HRMS Implementation
  • Integration with HIS and HMS systems
  • iDecisions™ - analytics for hotels operations
  • Time Share Reservation System
  • Mobility solutions for check-in and in-room technology integration and other hotel specific applications
  • Consultative approach to redesign the services procurement process and IT enablement
  • Cloud consulting services
  • Event and venue management
  • Hospitality services and catering management
  • End-to-End Conference Management System

Travel Portals

The emergence of online booking of travel tickets, hotels, resorts, restaurants, holiday packages, foreign exchange, mobile recharge, insurance premium payment have brought robust changes to the e-commerce industry. The travel portals providing these services are gearing up for innovative and cost effective solutions for exploring the technological approach to market the products.

We provide the following innovative solutions:

  • Enhancement and upgrade of reservation system
  • Integration with resort management system
  • Independent verification and validation services
  • Maintenance and enhancement of travel portal
  • Online booking of air tickets, cabs and hotels
  • Implementation of Ariba Spend Management suite of applications v8.2.X
  • Integration with ERP solutions
  • Innovative check-in and in-room technology integration for a leading hotel in Middle East

    • Designed a solution that integrated with the existing PMS application
    • Developed a solution that enhanced the check-in experience, reduced check-in and waiting time through process interactivity between guest and hotel management
    • Developed in-room technology that delivered an enhanced guest stay experience through innovative iPad based integrated interface
    • Designed, developed, tested and deployed the iPad application for all restaurants
  • Universal application for iPad and iPhone for leading cultural village in Middle East

    • Developed a universal application that provided users an ultimate brand experience
    • Designed an innovative user interface for creating the best user experience
    • Provided Application Programming Interface (API) integration with Facebook and Twitter
    • Enabled integration with Google Maps
    • Enabled server side integration to update information on real time
    • Enabled API integration for RSS feed
  • HMS application for a leading chain of hotel in America

    • Developed Hotel Management System (HMS) to help the hotels manage lodging contracts, better utilize the rooms that are used by both employees and the general public
    • Improvised the billing process
  • Membership Management System for leading fitness club in Middle East

    • Designed a two-phase based membership management system
    • Enabled interfacing with finance, staff directory and time keeping applications to ensure seamless end-to-end HR processes
    • Enabled interfacing with registration and payment related membership information with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to ensure seamless end-to-end centralized data repository
    • Designed workflow enabled process flows to ensure timely decisions
    • Developed a feedback processing system
    • Developed Management Information Systems (MIS) reports
    • Provided solutions for membership and attendance management, vent and venue management and program management
    • Provided database administration services for installing the development, test and production environments
    • Provided training through Train the Trainer approach
    • Enabled data migration from existing legacy system to enterprise Oracle applications

Success Stories

Transforming the Transportation platform for doing business in an emerging economy

Transforming the Transportation platform for doing business in an emerging economy

Integrated TMS capability via seamless integration with FORCE – Fiscal, Operational & Regulatory Compliance in Emerging Economies, to meet complex statutory taxation regulations of Brazil.

Development of Hotel Management System application for leading Hotel Chain in America

 Development of Hotel Management System application for leading Hotel Chain in America

Application will limit the amount of money spent on unused rooms.

Leading Port operator in the world, located in Middle East

Leading Port operator in the world, located in Middle East

One stop solution for all port stakeholders.

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For further information please write to