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MFG.NXT: Leveraging AI-Augmented Analytics for Smart & Connected Manufacturing

While Digital Technologies such as AI, machine Learning & Blockchain enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution (as they call it), these technologies are working in siloes & hence their potential isn’t completed utilized. In terms of adoption, IOT is the highest with about 50-60-% adoption across manufacturing & helps in use cases like condition based monitoring and generating data from vehicles for performing Vehicle diagnostics/driver behaviour, Autonomous Vehicles etc. AI is used to generate insights & to act on them autonomously based on data collated from IOT devices or from non-digital sources.

Big Data technology levers prove to be a key differentiator for various organizations and by leveraging Data Analytics as a business-decision driver, organizations can reap the vast potential of data and stay ahead of competition. The actionable insights powered by the data & analytics technologies of today can enable organizations to obtain a competitive edge around the areas of Vendor selection, Procurement, Risk assessment, Supply Chain optimization, Predictive maintenance, Fleet management, Customer Segmentation and Price and Revenue Optimization to name a few.

Tech Mahindra and IBM Cloud Data Analytics have partnered to develop business-value driven solutions that offers a wide range of components to address a diverse set of business problems and join to showcase them in the event.

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Thursday, 07 November 2019