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Automated and Unified CCaaS: Transforming Contact Centers with AI

The digital space has been teeming with a plethora of technological solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to analytics and big data. However, one aspect that digital providers still struggle with is providing a comprehensive solution for unified customer experiences. 

It cannot be denied that contact centers have come a long way from their traditional setups, but organizations often fail to utilize them as a CX and revenue enabler. What businesses need is to leverage state-of-the-art technology and fuse it with contact center processes so that they can achieve one common goal – providing exceptional customer experiences. 

Industry leaders, Greg Weber – Chief Technology Officer, Navixus, Rob Rutledge – Business Unit Lead, Navixus, and Bharath Vasudevan – Chief Capability Officer, Tech Mahindra BPS, share their perspectives around the leading CX challenges and how Navixus is helping contact center transform in this edition of the Tech Talk. 


Contact Center Challenges Affect All Parties

With technological advancements over the years, industries and organizations have evolved. However, challenges pertaining to CX still remain the same, which include long call handling times, call drops, frequent transfers, poor issue resolution, lack of self-service facility. Seamless customer experiences should have become a norm today, but this gap is still glaring. 

Inefficient contact centers impact agents equally with commonly observed challenges like lack of standardization, heavy call volumes, poor call deflection, incorrect call segmentation, poor knowledge management, and more. What’s interesting to note here is that so many of these challenges are interconnected. When organizations fail to notice how tightly-knit or interdependent everything is, the benefits of introducing new solutions remain confined to a functional area, not proving effective in the long run. Looking at the on-premises nature of contact centers, it can be said that one aspect impacts everything else right from cost to tech deployment to integration, scalability, and overall support services. 


Introducing Navixus – Your Holistic CCaaS Solution

If organizations are confined to a physical infrastructure, they cannot orchestrate CX efficiently irrespective of the technology deployed. This is where contact center as a service or CCaaS comes into play. CCaaS is a modern service delivery model allowing businesses to harness CX technology effectively and build contact centers that can be scaled up quickly and accessed from anywhere and anytime, accommodating increased volumes in an easier and more cost-effective way. 

Tech Mahindra is among the global providers known for its frictionless contact centers with numerous accolades and industry awards. With Navixus, a TechM BPS business unit, we are augmenting our contacts center solutions with CX technology Center of Excellence (CoE) that delivers CCaaS and engagement desktop technology solutions. With a unified technology stack, we offer key contact center services like IVR, call routing, call recording, and reporting. Navixus’ holistic CCaaS suite enhances the enterprise’s CX solution—from lifecycle implementation across various CX channels to enhanced knowledge management for empowering agents and optimizing processes. 

Navixus’ complete technology suite enables intelligent automation of processes for operational excellence and offers analytics for strengthening the technology CoE and agents. This unified CCaaS solution coupled with Tech Mahindra’s globally recognized consulting expertise makes our CCaaS tech-driven suite innovative and highly efficient. 

With omni-channel support and self-service capabilities, we are creating cohesive experiences as customers move along their journey. We are also supporting agents with digital automation of processes and analytics-based engagement guidance to enable end-to-end contact center transformation for all our customers.  


TechM + Navixus – Creating Real Value for Customers  

Navixus focuses on providing unified CX, which is possible only when processes are unified. Therefore, we have built a beautiful synergy of front-office and back-office processes. Our global centers of excellence help clients navigate key business challenges to achieve end-to-end digital transformation and future goals. We have been able to deliver exceptional results for our customers; some key achievements include: 

  • 11% savings over 4 years for US-based health insurance provider
  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction score (CSAT) for US-based non-profit organization
  • 12% cost reduction achieved for global nutritional product retailer
  • 24% less outbound calls for US-based commercial truck manufacturer
  • 30% cost reduction with RPA for a Canadian telecommunications provider
  • 4X increase in throughput for US-based government health provider


AI is clearly poised to transform the business landscape, and there are key considerations to note when migrating to CCaaS, and Navixus applications. Consulting is an important part of the CCaaS suite that can ensure holistic transformation for the enterprise. Find out more in this interesting and insightful session of Tech Talk: Watch Now


About the Author
Greg Weber
Greg Weber
Chief Technology Officer – Navixus, Tech Mahindra BPS

Greg in his present capacity as Chief Technology Officer of Navixus, a unit within Tech Mahindra BPS, oversees the strategic direction of the practice and holds accountability for the effective execution of complex enterprise CCaaS/CX engagements.More

Greg in his present capacity as Chief Technology Officer of Navixus, a unit within Tech Mahindra BPS, oversees the strategic direction of the practice and holds accountability for the effective execution of complex enterprise CCaaS/CX engagements. Greg is passionate about guiding businesses along their digital transformation journeys to orchestrate interactions, harnessing AI technologies to enhance customer experiences, streamlining business processes through automation and delivering mobile and digital customer experiences in an omni-channel ecosystem.