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Enhancing Productivity while Managing a Remote Workforce

Companies that have switched to remote and hybrid work models are navigating new challenges around maintaining employee productivity. Ever since remote work became the new normal, there has been an increasing interest in employee monitoring or productivity tracking solutions. While this may be the most practical solution to build efficient workplaces, continuously monitored employees may display some behavioral issues like slacking and disregarding instructions.

Employers must understand that employee monitoring can be a sensitive problem since the focus often shifts from outcome to activity. By investing in best-in-class technology for employees and productivity monitoring, businesses can take a more effective and respectful approach.

Let’s read in detail about how employers can track remote worker productivity and how Tech Mahindra’s productivity monitoring solution Kornea.AI can make all the difference.

Taking the Focus Off Tracking

Employee productivity monitoring is critical in businesses of all scales not just because of the insight it can provide into employee performance, but also because of how it can help identify improvement opportunities to increase the overall efficiency of a process(s). However, when the focus shifts from performance optimization to micromanagement, it can erode company culture and create a sense of distrust among employees. Therefore, when approaching employee monitoring, it’s important to ensure that employee privacy isn’t compromised.

The focus should be instead on project-related data and activities, and the data captured must also indicate whether or not the productivity is up to the mark. In no way should employee monitoring be viewed as intrusive or a risk to privacy.

Using Analytics to Improve Productivity

No amount of employee data is useful if it’s not analyzed and put to good use. Monitoring productivity can help organizations get a sense of how employees work and how productivity increases or decreases. However, there’s more to employee monitoring than just tracking employee productivity. Effective data analysis using AI can help drive the most useful insights to generate real business value. For example, productive and non-productive hours can highlight individual employee activities or performances. Productivity trends can help identify productivity leakages and even productivity drivers. Similarly, data analyses can help understand employee behavior and other crucial elements in optimizing efficiency and accelerating growth. Investing in advanced analytics technology can give organizations near real-time visibility into their employee activities and increase transparency despite the remote setting of work.

Data Safety and Security

When tracking employee productivity or monitoring devices, concerns about safety and compliance are often raised. The productivity tracker or software used can end up capturing sensitive or confidential data, which may be a huge challenge for businesses. Therefore, data safety and security must be of utmost importance when monitoring productivity. For example, instead of recording screen or employee activity, information like productive hours, relevant application usage, and other similar data points can be captured. This not only safeguards the company from a safety and security standpoint but also monitors productivity without the need for constant surveillance.

KORNEA.AI – Remote Workforce Management Using Computer Vision Technology

Tech Mahindra introduces a cloud-native, employee monitoring software designed using computer vision technology coupled with advanced analytics to provide organizations with the ultimate remote worker productivity solution. It enables seamless human resource monitoring in remote and hybrid work models by capturing useful information from visual data, including images and videos. It’s a plug-and-play solution that can be used for any function across industries. Here are some key features that make Kornea.AI unique as an offering:

  • Productivity Monitoring – Kornea.AI uses computer vision technology to integrate with the webcam of the device and for ‘presence on desk’ requirements. It also tracks application usage as well as productive and non-productive hours against logged-in hours.
  • Securing Sensitive Data – To ensure data security, Kornea.AI automatically locks the device screen as soon as an unauthorized face is detected. It also protects sensitive information by not allowing access to the user with a phone or camera pointed at the screen.
  • Data Analysis – Kornea.AI uses advanced analytics to optimize productivity and operational efficiency. Employers can view separate reports with insights on application usage, productive and non-productive hours, employee workload, agent utilization, etc. This can help identify important productivity trends.
  • Maintaining Trust and Transparency – Kornea.AI has a clear focus on maintaining transparency and trust between the organizations and their employees. It allows companies to track only relevant data that gives insights into productive and non-productive hours. It enables keeping employee privacy intact and creates a certain standard of transparency and trust.

Kornea.AI also provides near real-time visibility, insight generation, and trend analysis. Further, Proactive triggers for critical events eliminate leakages caused by non-productive activities. It is a single tool with multiple work models and automated system audits. Data gathering can also be configured to both cloud and on the premises as directed by clients; we work with all cloud providers like Azure/GCP and AWS.

About the Author
Imran Momin
General Manager, Tech Mahindra BPS

Imran is an ITIL and CSM certified professional with over 17 years of insightful experience in .Net technologies, Python, and next gen AI applications. He manages end-to-end delivery of large client engagements and is result-oriented and passionate with an entrepreneurial drive.More

Imran is an ITIL and CSM certified professional with over 17 years of insightful experience in .Net technologies, Python, and next gen AI applications. He manages end-to-end delivery of large client engagements and is result-oriented and passionate with an entrepreneurial drive. Imran has been immensely successful in driving and motivating teams to reach organizational and business goals – having multifaceted experience across complex transformational projects coupled with leadership experience. His technology initiatives add to his strengths – fueled by an ambition for ever-larger organizational growth and achievement.