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Forging A Sustainable Future: Propelling the Adoption of Clean Energy with New Age Customer Lifecycle Solutions

Clean energy transition is of utmost importance in the fight against climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is necessary to shift our dependence from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy to alleviate the harmful impacts of traditional energy sources on the environment.

The pressure to reduce emissions has driven innovation in the energy and utilities sector with electric and hybrid vehicles, EV charging infrastructure, vehicle to grid (V2G), rooftop solar and battery storage becoming increasingly popular. However, the infrastructure to support these key initiatives has not kept up with this demand and that has presented a hurdle for their widespread adoption. Utilities companies are strategizing a new model for charging infrastructure, where electric vehicle charging stations are integrated into existing buildings, using the parking lots and rooftops for solar power generation. This model aims to decentralize the charging infrastructure and make it more accessible to a wider range of users. Utilities envisage that this model will lead to not only environmental benefits, but also economic and social benefits, such as reduced dependence on fossil fuels, increased energy security, grid reliability, demand, and load balancing.

Accelerating the Adoption of Sustainable Change Powered by Exceptional Customer Engagement

The fast-paced nature of renewable energy, solar power and EV industries has certainly benefitted the end user. However, accessibility can improve dramatically with some strategic efforts on the providers’ end. Here are a few approaches to accelerate the overall adoption of sustainable energy sources while driving differentiated customer experiences

Personalized Communication: Companies must leverage channels like emails, texts, and phone, educate customers on demand response programs, EV, solar owners to enroll, provide information on benefits and guide in the registration process. The more personalized and informative the communication is between the provider and the consumer, the higher the chances of a sustainable change.

Incentivization: Working closely with utilities and aggregators in offering incentives such as cashback or bill credits can lead to faster adoptions of sustainable energy sources. Providers can strategize and offer a better value proposition to customers and spike their interest in renewable energy sources.

Education: Education on the benefits and importance of demand/load response programs, explanation of program details, and guidance on the value of participating in the programs can help identify potential customers who may not currently be interested but have the potential to be converted.

Seamless Registration/Onboarding Participants: Enabling online registration process makes it easy for end consumers/DER participants to get enrolled in load response programs. Simplifying the registration process that is digital in nature can provoke and instigate customers/DER participants to likely participate in such demand response programs.

Collaborative Approach across Multiple Stakeholders: By Partnering with solar providers, automakers, and EV charging network providers to help EV/solar customers enroll in emergency load response programs is another viable approach. It provides easy access to the demand response program and helps customers navigate the interconnection process.

TechM’s Viewpoint on Strategies to Promote Clean Energy Transition among Prosumers

Clean energy transition is critical to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Actively Engaging with the prosumers and facilitating seamless integration of DERs is essential for any successful transition towards green energy resources. By aggressively involving consumers in energy efficiency programs and load balancing/demand response initiatives, Tech Mahindra aims to promote responsible energy consumption and balance energy demand and supply while creating a sustainable energy source for the future.

Here are some key strategies that we adopt:

  • Actively engaging with prosumers and enabling seamless integration of distributed energy resources (DER) through digital interventions.
  • Stimulate awareness, promote behavioral changes by enabling real time usage patterns, TOU, and encourage the adoption of energy and efficiency best practices.
  • Empowering prosumers and seamlessly permitting them to feed excess energy back into the grid.
  • Rooftop solar, V2G integration, a two-way technology enabler, enables households and EVs charging infra to charge their batteries (energy storage) locally that cater to their energy requirements and feed excess energy back into the grid.

End-to-End Personalized Customer Care Solutions

At Tech Mahindra, our 360-degree customer care ensures that customers can adapt quickly and continue using our services to help us create a larger impact. Here are our key customer support areas:

  • Customer Support: Information and Inquiries, Cost and Affordability, Technical Support and Troubleshooting, Loyalty Programs
  • Solar Installers, Financing and EV Aggregators: Application and Documentation, Charging Infrastructure, Technical Support, and Troubleshooting
  • Grid Operators and Utilities: Interconnection and Load Balancing, Charging Infrastructure and Range Concerns
  • Market Participation and Energy Trading: Customer Awareness, Education, Enrollment and Onboarding, Green Button, and Behind the Meter Services

Delivering Best-In-Class Insight-Driven Customer Experiences

We take pride in creating seamless charging experiences for EV owners, fleet operators, aggregators, and rooftop solar owners so users can increasingly benefit from innovative smart energy management. Additionally, Tech Mahindra’s play across the utility value chain enables loan origination, complete account management, collections and recoveries, complaint management, and financial management. As a result, we have been able to increase energy and utility ROI, increase prosumers participation, decrease in customer dropout rates, and help enhance revenue.

With a combination of proactive and reliable customer service with insights-driven analytics and reporting, we have been able to not just educate consumers but also increase the adoption of renewable energy solutions.

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Collin Patrick Carroll
Lead Business Consultant, Tech Mahindra

Collin Patrick Carroll has around 20 years of experience in consulting, solutioning, and delivery for digital transformation initiative in the IT and business services industries.More

Collin Patrick Carroll has around 20 years of experience in consulting, solutioning, and delivery for digital transformation initiative in the IT and business services industries. With a strong domain knowledge and expertise, he proposes and delivers best fit solutions to utilities customers (power, water, and renewables) in helping transform their assets, consumers, workforce, and business areas through new-age digital technologies across the business value chain (upstream, midstream, downstream).