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Smart Home Utilities Support Solution Powered by Arrayent IOT Platform

Thanks to Internet of Things (IOT) devices, voice assistants and high-speed networking, smart homes are on the cusp of mainstream adoption. As more and more people opt for smart homes, the support mechanism has to face unique set of challenges on a day-to-day basis.

Current Industry challenges in smart home utilities include complicated device installation, software/apps not working/showing incorrect data, security system issues/fake alarms, issues with device features/connectivity/compatibility and energy wastage/leakage, non-availability of accessories, incorrect placement & scheduling of alarm systems & sensors, device connectivity issues and optimization of energy & water usage along with ways to utilize renewable sources of energy.

The solution must cater to better  device management , making household tasks easier, saving power, water & electricity, utilization of renewable energy including back-to-grid concept, automated scheduling of tasks like device contract/insurance renewal/maintenance, improved on-field technician support, deeper insight into market trends & knowledge of customer behavior through tools & technology.

Additionally, to  personalized account management  & proactive device management support, integrated & uniform experience across multi channels, user data insights- integrated with customized offers, digital support to home care products, community forums & social media platforms to capture customer experiences.

There should also be an inclusion of tips and advices to consumers on optimizing energy usage and recycling of water along with maximum usage of renewable energy. This will help in lowering bills while promoting the concept of back-to-grid through a bi-directional metering system.

Tech Mahindra Solution based on Arrayent Device Platform:

Tech Mahindra provides the best in class solution for Smart Homes. The services have the capability to be customized based on customer insights through advanced analytics. We ensure that non-value add activities are eliminated and the support team is focused on providing improved customer experience services.

TechM - Arrayent IOT Platform provides an E2E solution to develop, deliver and support connected devices. It provides mobile & enterprise apps real-time, secure & scalable interactivity with devices as well as real-time triggers.

There are multiple self-serve options available to the customers. These options have the capability where the customer can monitor and track devices on a real-time basis, receive insights on device performance & alerts about a required repair or maintenance service while scheduling tasks like device renewal, insurance renewal, or technician visit for maintenance.

Our mobile app allows the customers to easily manage the functioning of all the devices using its multiple capabilities. It has the capability for customized dashboard like energy consumption dashboard which can allow the customer to optimize energy usage across devices and also schedule the devices’ service, repair or replacement on a real-time basis.

Additionally, Insight Data Services  provides secure access to end users and device data via files and APIs, while EcoAdaptor Ecosystem Integration as a Service enables the development of cloud-to-cloud integration with most cloud partners, allowing complete customization.

Strategic Ways to Utilize Smart Home Support

  • Auto-update of account basis customer contact & account activity
  • Proactive notifications to customer on energy consumption & device functioning
  • Technician appointment fixed basis device delivery date
  • Devices offered to customer basis existing network & systems
  • Maintenance plan & device management details provided at the time of installation
  • S/W upgradation done ensuring apps are compatible & connected
  • Renewals auto-scheduled with one-click processing
  • Payment methods easily changed by customer with auto-debit/credit on payments and refunds
  • Credit points auto-updated basis device purchase/service and usage
  • Installation process to include device integration & compatibility test
  • Easy customization and configuration of safety & privacy settings
  • Push notifications on mobiles to manage all the devices
  • Device usage tips provided based on customer behavior analysis
  • Scheduled maintenance alerts sent in advance for devices/sensors

Tech Mahindra – Arrayent IOT Platform

Arrayent cloud services is specifically designed for manufacturers of mass-market consumer home products. It comprises of three main services:

Arrayent Connect Services are at the center of Arrayent’s IoT platform,  virtualizing devices  in the cloud. It provides mobile and enterprise apps real-time, secure and scalable interactivity with devices as well as real-time triggers

Arrayent Insight Services provide secure access to end users and device data via Files and APIs. It is the foundation for producing insights into end user behavior, product usage, sales trends and other analytics

Arrayent EcoAdaptor Services enable the development of cloud to cloud integration with most cloud partners with full customization

Our Offerings

Arrayent Cloud Platform Features
  • ARRAYENT MOBILE SDK enables navigation of language mobile SDKs for app developers
  • ARRAYENT TOOLS is an enterprise apps for product management, firmware development, customer support, service configuration and OTA firmware updates
  • ARRAYENT CONNECT AGENT integrates with the device application firmware and manages the reliable and low latency connection to the Arrayent Connect Cloud
Arrayent Connect Service Features
  • Data Store Time Series
  • Firmware Update
  • Device Session Management
  • User Management
  • Device Virtualization
  • Notifications
  • Rules Engine
  • Device Protocol Interpreters
Arrayent EcoAdaptor Service Features
  • EcoAdaptor OAuth Server – provides the ability for users to link their account with a 3rd-party IoT cloud
  • EcoAdaptor API & SDK – provides the ability to quickly build an adaptor to a 3rd-party cloud ecosystem
  • EcoAdaptor Management – provides the ability to manage which 3rd-party cloud ecosystems are enabled
Arrayent Insight Service Features
  • SnapShot – provides periodic views of the device and user attribute values in a daily / weekly / monthly resolution
  • Stream – provides an event information data stream of attribute updates and alerts firing as they occur
  • DataSight – provides data export for business intelligence purposes

Developer interface to Arrayent Connect Cloud via APIs used for mobile apps, web apps, enterprise apps, 3rd- party Adaptors (ecosystem interfaces).

User operations
  • Login/logout
  • Claim/Unclaim devices
  • Get/Set device attributes
  • Trigger/alerts configuration
System operations
  • Product/device management and definition
Anonymous operations
  • Account registration & activation and password recovery
External Interfaces supported
  • Devices Interface
  • Web Services API
  • SMS notifications
  • Email
  • Push Notifications

Overall Benefits

Tech Mahindra’s Arrayent IOT platform has created the following business benefits for some of the companies:

  • 25-20% cost savings
  • 10-15% improved operational efficiency
  • Improved NPS by 20-25 base points
  • ~10% improvement in agent utilization
  • 25-30% improvement in self-service

Customer Experience

The TechM - Arrayent IOT Platform is  deployment proven . It enables manufacturers to launch connected products globally in less than 6 months with minimum development offering the following benefits:

  • Products and Service Differentiation
  • Improvement in Business Efficiency
  • Enable Digital & Business Transformation across IOT Verticals
  • Create New Revenue Streams

I. Using the Arrayent mobile app, an American Water Treatment company’s sump pump managed remote check of the flooding of the basement and the status of the property.

II. Customers of the largest American multinational consumer goods company can remotely check the status, manage & reorder consumer products through the Arrayent mobile app.

III. An American home & commercial appliance company uses the Arrayent IOT platform to connect its appliances to the platform. Customers can check the status of appliances like a washing machine and schedule its maintenance service based on the appliance’s condition.

IV. The top five coffee machine manufacturers use the Arrayent IOT platform to ensure their coffee machines stay connected with all the devices including the voice assistant device. The compatibility & connectivity of these devices using the Arrayent device IOT platform ensures an incredible user experience.


Smart Homes has many components that need to work in coordination to make it successful. Based on market trends, the main aspects of any smart home support mechanism should be to manage Devices, Field Support, Internet of Things, End-to-End Support, Automated Scheduling of Tasks, Energy Savings, etc. Customers are looking for optimization of energy consumption, ways to reduce & recycle water usage, enhanced usage of renewable energy & maximum usage of home entertainment devices without burdening the monthly bills.

Tech Mahindra has proven experience in device upgradation and replacement, scheduling of technicians- basis customer availability,  inter-connectivity & compatibility of devices  with multiple support centers providing end-to-end smart home support.

Moreover, automated scheduling of repetitive tasks, usage of eco-friendly devices, customized tariff packages, multi-channel support options can be provided to customers, basis analytical insights on customer behavior and market trends. TechM has the right combination of tools, technology & experienced work-force to optimize, transform and scale-up the Smart Home Support business.

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Manages digital transformation solutions for Energy and Utilities globally. Responsible for Presales, GTM, Bids and Transformational Solutions for Utilities vertical. He has 17 years of experience in ITeS/BPS space in various capacities. Started his career as a WFM Analyst after completing his PGDCA, then he moved into Telecom Operations management roles after completing his MCA.More

Manages digital transformation solutions for Energy and Utilities globally. Responsible for Presales, GTM, Bids and Transformational Solutions for Utilities vertical. He has 17 years of experience in ITeS/BPS space in various capacities. Started his career as a WFM Analyst after completing his PGDCA, then he moved into Telecom Operations management roles after completing his MCA. He then worked for a global BFSI company as a Risk & Compliance Manager before leading the Fraud & Risk Operations for the World’s largest E-Commerce company. He has established himself in consulting & project management roles for multiple global clients apart from working on various cross industry Bids and Proposals. He works closely with global cross industry engagement teams to tailor compelling digital led proposals for TechM’s E&U prospects & clients.