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Telecom – The New Utility Service

Covid has revamped the way stakeholders participate in the business. While work from home has become new normal, workforce management has now reached the bible of BCPs. As change is the only constant, but such drastic and huge change in short time has once again proved that we are mere tinny tiny fish in the big sea of nature’s agility.

This pandemic has hit the utilities BPO services industry the toughest. All the unforeseen scenarios like workplace disruption, security threats over cyber networks, failed compliances and stakeholder/client management challenges. Most sought-after offering of BPOs – data security was completely blown away. Big organizations with robust BCPs like Tech Mahindra could thrive in such conditions offering best in class service even when workforce was working remotely, many small and medium businesses have crumbled and lost significant amount of client base. The industry took some time but is now bouncing back.

As industry is reopening, it is evident that XaaS has become the most accepted form of operating the businesses. Out of which BPaaS is holding the skin tighter for industry to still look younger. With BPaaS and pandemic around leaders have now gone beyond outsourcing traditional processes and now looking to append the list with newer and never a BPO services process as well! Below table shows a quick snapshot of before pandemic and after pandemic BPaaS offering in BPO industry.

Traditional Outsourcing Pre BPaaSModern Outsourcing Post BPaaS and Cvoid
After Sales SupportTraining - aaS
Mobile and Wireless SupportRemote Workforce Management - aaS
Customer Database ManagementBCP Management – aaS (N/W site disasters)
Product Data ManagementTouchless Order Management
Query ResolutionBilling and Revenue assurance using BI
Welcome calls/ Customer On-boardingRemote Network Configuration


As the new model is being adopted with advent of technology, BPaaS is also clung to cloud and other digital modern technologies. As business process as a service performs, clients’ expectations keep rising. Some of which are listed below

  • Businesses to invest in standard and optimized customer service process across the organization, leading to consistent customer experience. A standard customer service process will ensure a single and coherent view of every customer, thus laying the foundation for customer delight.
  • Customers’ demands for omnipresence – voice, chat, web, email, social media etc. The need is to more invest into interactive and intuitive like self-help mediums so that the dependency reduces and the scalability is all time high.
  • Data security and availability is one aspect which goes highlighted throughout. With BPaaS bringing the business from customers’ to own premises, how efficient and safe is always the ask. With cybersecurity being compromised every now and then, BPaaS Solutions providers have to have strict governance and monitoring of customers’ valuable data.
  • Holistic transformation using technology to reduce Capex and improve the business performance. This is being looked from any angles by BPaaS provides. While some adopt the technology only approach other take a round of mix bag with tools, techniques and technologies. The real game changer will be how BPaaS provider remain ahead of their peers to offer best transformation solutions at most cost effective way.
  • With rise of platform based technology implementation the term “Platformization” is taking a stir. BPaaS providers need to invest in such platforms to offer point solutions, digital platforms for its clients

When we talk of business process as a service, three factors – Cost, Time and Quality are complimentary to it. But when it comes to being tagged as preferred BPaaS solution provider there are certain points which clients look for:

  • Deliverability: From inventory management to email organization to responding to queries in wee hours that too at no additional cost. This can be achieved through amalgamation of technology and tools which enable to soak in every last minute requirement for the delivery to be seamless.
  • Enhanced security at all levels: With cloud coming in picture, BPaaS provider have to put extra layer of security while conducting the businesses so that it remains at minimum risk of cyber-attacks.
  • Connectivity: With new cloud enabled BPaaS connectivity remains all-time high. Data is connected to across all parts of world with various devices, assets and customer centres. Access to master data gets easier and the scalability of systems thus increases.
  • Modularity: With BPaaS the modularity of processes can be achieved and reduces the dependency on other business processes. BPaaS offers model based smart wizards which can be helpful while lifting and shifting the business and hosting it over cloud from the premises.

At Tech Mahindra, we focus on Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) across various industries including Telecom BPO services, Financial Services, Retail, Energy, Hospitality, Hi-Tech, Agriculture and Food and Beverage.

Our approach goes beyond cost reduction to process optimization and ownership through automation and productivity improvements. Tech Mahindra Business Process Services (BPS) delivers value for customers through flawless execution of a seamless suite of services that operate across the entire life cycle of the end users and covers both the revenue and cost sides of the customers’ business operations. The BPS includes Operations, BPM and Consulting.

With BPaaS adoption, Tech Mahindra BPS has established itself as market leader in platformization, point solutions and easy transition of processes from client business to Tech Mahindra premises.

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Rahul Agarwal is an Enterprise Consultant -Digital Transformation and Solution at Tech Mahindra. He is a Lean certified consultant responsible to provide Consulting/Process transformation services and Innovation of Disruptive Solutions across variety of domains that include Telecom, Sourcing (Shared services, Outsourcing and Offshoring), Business Performance Management, Technology Enablement, Analytics and Data Management.