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Using the Cloud to Enable Breakthrough Digital Experiences

Can going "all-in" in cloud enable breakthrough digital experiences for your users? Many companies, including G100 enterprise and financial service firms, prove how a cloud transformation can drive business impact by allowing businesses to tap into what their customers love. Here's what you need to know about the cloud and how to use it to introduce advanced, personalized digital experiences to your customers. 

What Is Cloud Transformation?

Cloud transformation is fueled by the shift away from on-premise data centers and into the cloud servers of third-party providers. With Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) and many exclusive solutions only being available to cloud users, adopting cloud tech can drive growth, innovation, and new revenue streams. 

While this move is not easy, the flexibility cloud brings and the ability to do things in real-time has been enough to inspire the most prominent companies to pave the path and change the way businesses operate. 

Ultimately, while cloud transformation begins with the technical decision to move data off-site, it requires a cultural shift within a company as well. Businesses must hire people who understand and support cloud transformation through the way they work, the way they solve problems and their commitment to innovating new solutions.

Unlocking Advanced Cloud Capabilities

Moving to the cloud is a monumental feat in and of itself, but once you're there, that's when the real work begins. For instance, moving out of containers and into a completely serverless environment means another transformation, but it also opens the doors to advanced capabilities. 

Artificial Intelligence

All the buzz for the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology is advancing at an incredible pace and it holds very real and applicable benefits across industries. While AI has many use cases, its ability to drive customer experience through smart, automated interactions in chat and over-the-phone attracts a lot of attention.

In the context of CX and product management, artificial intelligence can go beyond answering questions and make product suggestions, display the most relevant content, inform sales teams of predicted activity, guide product development and help teams quickly realize challenges and opportunities for innovation. 

Real-Time Data

Real-time data is, by far, the most exciting and valuable way to put the cloud's flexibility and power to work as a business. Using real-time data, companies can improve the internal management of IT infrastructure, develop better products, go to market faster and optimize just about every practice and process.

Regardless, the biggest application for real-time data is in improving the customer experience. As consumers demand more personalized branded experiences than ever before, real-time data has the power to create breakthrough digital experiences that use information about the customer's needs and preferences to create a unique interaction that offers a whole new level of authentic engagement. 

The Cloud's Role in Experience Design

Moving to the cloud allows companies to look more closely at the technical architecture of user experiences, fueling advanced experience design. By being in the cloud, businesses can:

  • Reduce friction in customer interfaces and interactions;
  • Automate backend processes for faster, better service;
  • Gain insights that allow experiences to be continuously improved;
  • Present data to customers in ways that transform their views.

The last point is particularly beneficial for businesses in the B2B and financial sectors, where customers already seek out reports like performance metrics or bank statements but lack interactive visualizations.

By opening the capabilities of the cloud to the consumer end and allowing them to see and use a slice of relevant data, you can further transform the customer experience while reimagining or introducing powerful products and services that can distinguish you from the competition. 

What's Next for Cloud Adoption?

Being all-in on the cloud is paramount to future-proofing your business, especially when it comes to attracting the best talent, solving complex problems, and creating a real human impact through data-driven development and advanced experience design.

Has your business adopted innovative cloud services yet? Do you have a cloud strategy in place to enable digital experiences? Tech Mahindra can help you achieve this digital transformation by combining the power of the world-class CX agency, BE & modern engineering practices under CloudNXT.NOW umbrella. Schedule a consultation today to learn how. 

About the Author
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Vineeth Rajagopal
North America Cloud CTO, Tech Mahindra

Vineeth Rajagopal is the North America Cloud CTO at Tech Mahindra. Before joining TechM, he was one of the founding members & CTO of the award-winning hybrid cloud automation services company DigitalOnUs that got sold to Tech Mahindra for a $120M exit.


Vineeth Rajagopal is the North America Cloud CTO at Tech Mahindra. Before joining TechM, he was one of the founding members & CTO of the award-winning hybrid cloud automation services company DigitalOnUs that got sold to Tech Mahindra for a $120M exit.

Vineeth helped to author multiple open-source tools. In addition, he has a passion for distributed systems, workflow automation, K8’s and how they can be applied in practice to improve release engineering, infrastructure migration and multi-cloud operation.