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Some of our Digital Experiences

  • Digital Solutions Centre Implemented for a Tier-1 Operator in North America

    In order to broaden operator IoT addressable market, faster time to market, manage efficiencies and improve the IoT revenues, IoT portal development was done to cover Device, Customer and Service Life Cycle Management.

  • Digital Transformation Platform for a Next-Gen Electric 2-Wheeler Manufacturer in North America

    To address Diagnostics & Prognostics needs, create Differentiation in market for their next gen bike, improve design & customer service and create Customer WOW! Factor, a platform, hosted at GenZe premises was developed and this platform  interfaces with various backend ERP systems, provides reports for marketing, R & D & service teams, seamless connectivity with the bike and backend, interfaces with the mobile application, etc. was developed. 

  • Remote Asset Monitoring for a Subsidiary of World’s leading Multinational Consumer Goods Company in America

    To deliver a secure and reliable control box tracking/monitoring solution with global alerts (GPS tracking, movement, PLC conditions, threshold breach alerts, Power status etc.,) and data visualization capability against a number of key metrics over a secure cellular network, a secure web based solution for remote monitoring of control boxes installed at sites across the globe was developed.

  • Digital Healthcare – Remote Health and Wellness Monitoring System

    In order to make healthcare affordable to all and help patients to keep their medical conditions under control, a remote health and wellness monitoring solution was developed to monitor patients outside the conventional clinical setting, detect problems earlier, decrease healthcare delivery costs and increase patient’s satisfaction regarding the overall quality of care.

  • Intelligent Restroom for Tier-1 Personal Care Corporation in US

    Functional & Technical assessment of an intelligent restroom solution to have real time status of dispensers / restroom to offer an optimized operational model and improve user experience, was carried out for a Personal Care Corporation  in the US.

  • M2M Platform Integration for Global Leader in M2M Connectivity and Services

    In order to secure and extend the Telco’s IoT connectivity market lead by extending  geographic coverage of GDSP platform across 60 markets, offer Global SIM onto partner networks, deliver one Global IoT Service Management platform (SMP) , provide end to end visibility and control of digital assets anywhere anytime, easier SIM Management and real time alerting, a secure web portal that offers seamless service integration with existing CRM or SCM systems was developed. This system can also support LM to develop GDSP supported interfaces for HLR Provisioning, Billing, Messaging, NGIN provisioning, NGIN network services, GGSN RADIUS and DIAMETER services.

  • Digital Consultancy for a Large Retail Bank in Middle East 

    Designing Digital Transformation Strategy, conducting digital readiness assessment for Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Social Media, As is analysis of existing platform,  Designing integration of mobile with other systems and processes with bank to enhance Customer Experience, improve operating efficiencies to provide Omni-channel experience was the scope of this consulting engagement done for a large retail bank in the Middle East.

  • Fleet management for an electric car of a leading Automobile Company in APAC

    To capture Real-Time information of vehicle parameters to understand it’s performance against benchmarks, monitor the health of an electric vehicle and to provide insights to field support staff  to determine the root cause of a problem, an integrated solution was developed that  can provide real time diagnostic information, vital electric vehicle health status, analytical reports .

  • Tracking and Condition monitoring of refrigerated cargo for a food Supply Chain Company in APAC

    To address the challenge of transporting perishable products with varied temperature requirements, managing cold chain complexity, adherence to quality norms, product freshness and delivery SLAs, infrastructure constraints with longer lead times and tight monitoring requirements, reducing spoilage, preventing theft or hijacking of high value consignments and provide route assistance and on time delivery, an end to end supply chain management solution with complete visibility was implemented.

  • Concrete Trucks tracking for Cement Company in APAC

    To improve operational efficiency, real-time monitoring, timely delivery of concrete using the concrete mixing trucks, meet strict adherence to temperature requirements an integrated tracking solution was developed to address all aspects of ready mix concrete supply chain like order management, job scheduling, routing and complete monitoring of the process resulting in reduced maintenance costs, fuel cost, delivery cycle time, job site costing and 16% saving due to on time delivery , 15% reduction in accidents , 8% reduction in chipping frequency , 23% reduction in quality rejection and 23% reduction in idling time.

  • Tracking of School Buses for a conglomerate in APAC 

    For the improved management of scheduled arrival and departure of buses, improved safety, time management and traffic control, a comprehensive student & bus tracking solution was developed. This integrates the telematics application with the school bus databases to ensure student safety, enables real-time communication with the driver which results in easy re-routing in case of emergencies and provides real-time view of bus location to parents resulting in reduced wait times.

  • Airline Crew Logistics & People Safety for a Premier Airlines in India

    For the safe and timely reporting of employees, on time flight performance, a comprehensive solution which is integrated with routing and transaction systems was developed which also includes emergency response management.  This resulted in 17% reduction in flight delays.

  • Connected Sports - Sports on Smart Devices for a Leading Media Group for Sports in the US

    Implemented an innovative mobile application supporting iPad, iPhone and Android for seamless content delivery to mobile & web with cloud based infrastructure, flexibility to automatic provisioning, deep Analytics for better understanding of customer interests, Social Network Integration and Akamai EDGE caching for quick content delivery. This solution improved end user experience, increased customer base, integrated sports content from multiple feeds, integrated analytics, social content and automatic alert notification.

  • Connected Healthcare - Digital Emergency Management System for a Nationwide Service Provider in India 

    with state-of-the-art ambulance services coordinated with GIS enabled GPS vehicle tracking system and supported by a central contact desk with computer telephony and voice logger system. EMRI has approximately 3160 ambulances, captured 18,008,935 Electronic Patient medical records, Covered more than 1.32 million sq-kms, half a billion lives and saved over Half a Million lives.

  • Digital Application Infrastructure Platform for a Leading Networking Company in the US

    A scalable BYOD platform for integrated Unified Communications, Security, Policy and Device management and building analytics led, mobile delivered and Cloud enabled applications.

  • Digital Engineering Change Management for Leading Companies in the US

    An agile PLM solution to review and approve defects, non-conformance, audit reports, corrective actions on the go resulting in shorter NPI cycle time demonstrating 15-20% improvement in productivity and 10% faster time to market.
  • Digital Spend Management for a Leading Oil and Gas Company in the US

    Solution to Manage Spend on the Go and Purchase Requisition Status to reduce PO approval lead time by 70-80%, cost per PO or invoice by about 30% and provide real-time visibility of spend data results in cost avoidance of about 2% of addressable spend.

  • Digital Geospace Environment for a Government Agency in Singapore

    This solution provides flexibility to the government agencies in deploying business applications by consuming GeoSpace data, tools and application APIs saving $9 MUSD in development and maintenance costs.

  • Digital Road Transport for a Land Transport Authority in APAC

    This solution aims at experience enhancement by improving efficiency, predictability and new value offerings through integrated cross-domain and end-to-end operations.

  • Remote e-Mail Interaction for the world`s Leading Oil & Gas company

    A highly secure system with auto assignment of authorized persons to get e-Mail updates anywhere anytime providing easier access to expert analysis and service request details resulting in 30% reduction in Issue Resolution turnaround times.
  • Part Reuse Implementation for the Largest Auto Makers in the US

    A Vehicle Part Catalog with single window access, multidimensional view of a part and its business attributes providing approximately $2000 savings per Part name reused, assisting engineers in Part Reuse decisions, reducing vehicle development time, cost, inventory, sourcing and procurement costs.


Digital Enterprise Services

Digital Enterprise Services

Owing to the advancement of Long Term Evolution (LTE), IPv6, M2M Communication, and Social Networks, we are now living in a Hyper Connected World.

Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

Most of the modern day facilities are energy dependent and its judicious use is a global need. Reduction in energy consumption is the foremost concern for most industries today.

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Digital Farming

Digital Farming

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Digital Retail

IoT Solutions Maturity Model

IoT Solutions Maturity Model

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Intelligent Elevator Reservation & Parking System

Intelligent Elevator Reservation & Parking System

Track & Trace: Industrial IoT in the Shop Floor

Track & Trace: Industrial IoT in the Shop Floor

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