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The Future of Aftermarket

Tech Mahindra’s AftEAZE platform, powered by Pega technology, manages the lifecycle of aftermarket operations and extended after-sales services. With AftEAZE, we deliver a configurable and modular platform to give your organization a connected and reliable aftermarket support system.

Our Services


Connected Vehicle / Asset Management

Afteaze.Connect helps organizations derive useful insights to manage ownership costs and focus on providing uptime and predictive services for a proactive, personalized, and prescriptive experience.


Next-Generation Service Lifecycle Management

Afteaze.Service orchestrates the entire end-to-end aftermarket service lifecycle, optimizing lifecycle costs and overall time to repair for effective, on-demand service.


Parts Management for Spare Parts Availability

Afteaze.Parts helps in intelligently planning parts requirements with best-in-class demand forecasting models, inventory management, and fulfillment via B2B and B2C channels.


End to End Warranty Lifecycle Management

Afteaze.Warranty brings transparency and control for manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers in the claim lifecycle process with a flexible business policy authoring mechanism and intelligent models to identify areas and optimize warranty costs.

What We Offer

Uptime Command Center

Intuitive dashboards for command center agents and fleet managers to manage vehicles, assets, dealers, customer profiles, and operations.

Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

Useful insights from telematics data for on-time issue identification and proactive servicing.

Service Lifecycle Automation

Automation for appointment scheduling, smart field service, and service ticket resolution.

AR Powered Technician Assistance

Immersive technologies-driven guided remote repair assistance and integrations to PLM and Service BOM systems.

Parts Order Management

A cutting-edge e-Commerce platform that facilitates B2B and B2C commerce for spare parts and accessories.

Parts Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing, obsolescence, and end-of-life management to ensure a circular economy and enable ESG impact.

Warranty Claims Validation

Automated warranty claims processing, pays the right amount, and eliminates claim variability.

Supplier Recovery

Supporting OEMs, dealers, and suppliers with an end-to-end root cause analysis of the failures and bringing transparency in the claim recovery process.

Extended Service Contracts

Improving cross-sales and up-sales based on customer profiles, managing registrations and contact approvals. 

Key Platform Capabilities

Intelligent Automation

Automates and orchestrates the aftermarket lifecycle, creating an omnichannel experience through a unified digital hub.

Business Rules Engine

Empowers business users to author, execute, and monitor aftermarket and warranty policies more efficiently.

AI/ML Models and Advanced Analytics

Embedded for real-time intelligence, turning data into informative insights for smarter decision-making.

Integration Connectors

Wizard-based easy set-up supporting all types of platforms and protocols to integrate supporting applications and data sources.

Legacy Modernization

By adopting a wrap-and-renew ideology, we introduce new features that integrate, orchestrate, and extend your existing application investments.

New Age Digital Technologies

Utilizing technology investments around AR, blockchain, cloud services, integrated engineering solutions, and business process services for future-ready aftermarket systems.

Proven Business Benefits

See how our platform supports all stakeholders.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Self-funding model – ROI-driven business.
  • Better customer experience and NPS - “fixed right the first time.”
  • 100% correct claims and reduced operational costs by 10-15%.
  • Successful cost recovery from suppliers.
  • Faster time-to-market of new business models around servicification.
For Dealers
  • Significant reduction in diagnostics lead time, improving FTFR, MTTR metrics
  • Reduced repair time by 30%.
  • Additional revenues from increased extended service contracts.
  • Repair forecasting allows for dynamic management of the inventory of spares.
  • Improvement in execution speeds for timely reimbursements.
For Customers
  • Overall improved product ownership experience.
  • Online pre-approval for repairs helps reduce customer wait times from hours to minutes.
  • Personalized extended warranty contracts at reduced prices.
  • First-time-right servicing.
For Suppliers
  • Real-time, contextual access to servicing and repair data helps improve product quality.
  • Saving of parts-supplier traceability-related costs and disputes.
  • Reduced NTF claims through analytical tools and engineering test benches.
  • Moving the recovery model from a target-based approach to a root cause-based approach.

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