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Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to create an intelligent, continuously improved digital workplace that empowers employees to collaborate, be productive and enhance business outcomes – while fostering the organizational culture.More

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to create an intelligent, continuously improved digital workplace that empowers employees to collaborate, be productive and enhance business outcomes – while fostering the organizational culture. Tech Mahindra’s FLEX Digital Workplace solutions help enterprise chart their course from a traditional desktop environment to a responsive, digital workspace environment while maintaining compliance and security controls. The convergence of distributed offices, remote workers, cross-team collaboration, and the need for instant access to resources has opened a new world of possibilities. Our solutions transform the workplace experience to improve employee engagement and productivity.


What We Offer

FLEX Automate

Our key pillar of our strategy for a user centric service delivery. Automation is split in four pillars: enhanced engagement, service management, AI and analytics. 

Our automation solution is rapidly changing the service operations with highly proactive and cognitive services creating a world class experience. We aim to give a rich user experience by implementing personalized bots, self-service, self-heal, cognitive and machine learning (ML) solutions that automate the most common user requests and issues.

TechM has been leveraging end-user automation to help clients create business-aligned services and has deployed this at several clients. 

  • Experience-based metrics to measure user experience (UX) 
  • Digital experience monitoring 
  • Focused on zero-touch IT automation and flexibility 
  • A robust and flexible end-to-end enterprise grade chatbot platform.

What We Offer


TechM’s FLEX DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) provides you end to end device lifecycle on a OPEX model.

FLEX DaaS provides you solution right from procuring the hardware, to provisioning it, supporting it, and disposing it in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, the entire lifecycle is managed by Tech Mahindra. You get smart visibility to the expenditure on per employee per month and are easily able to flex up and down based on your demand visibility. Working globally with all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we can get preferential rates and solve imminent billing issues that some clients face in certain countries.


  • Catalog based ‘as-a-service’ model, aligned to the user persona
  • Predictable and scalable OPEX model, which is a single, predictable price per device per month
  • Globally applicable device OEM discounts, competitive pricing structure
  • Just in time PC refresh cycles serving up-to-date hardware ensuring currency
  • Asset management services from procurement to disposal
  • Enable zero-touch user provisioning through factory imaging
  • DaaS bundled with unified endpoint management (UEM) solution for comprehensive end-point management
  • Analytics driven device optimization
  • Open avenues for reuse of refurbished devices for philanthropic initiatives
  • Sustainable disposal of devices

What We Offer


FLEX WaaS by Tech Mahindra is designed to deliver the highest level of security using hybrid workspace delivery model. 

FLEX WaaS’s hybrid workspace delivery model leverages Virtualization, enterprise mobility and context aware security. It delivers all workplace resources as a universal single URL to consolidate all end user computing services. The solution brings all services under a single window, improving overall end user experience.


  • Multi-Cloud Platform - Optimized for modern desktops, cloud desktop and apps with workspace layers.
  • Persona Based Workspaces - Self-service and self-healing experiences that personalize based on user requirements and demands.
  • Contextual Security - Relevant security data to provide better understanding and contextual actions.
  • Modern Cloud based environment to Handle Graphic Rich Workloads - Platform enabled to handle 3D graphics, CAD workloads and multiple rich graphic content.
  • Centralized Workstations and Simplified Backend Operations - to enable superior user experience.

What We Offer

FLEX Provision

Tech Mahindra uses the principles of cloud first, mobile first to provision and enable devices for our clients.

Tech Mahindra’s usage of automation and our deep expertise in the enterprise mobility solutions, enables clients to seamlessly enroll their choice of devices – be it corporate owned, or user owned (BYOD) or a mobile device – IOS or Android. Apart from the devices, TechM leverages its expertise to assist clients in provisioning of other aspects of infrastructure like Office365, Google workspaces, On premises directory, Azure AD, and managed print services.


  • Self Service Device Provision - Simplify the device provisioning and repurposing process through Windows Autopilot. Device can be enrolled, and the entire process can be self-serviced by the end user
  • Custom and Golden images - Build, deploy and manage traditional images for custom setup
  • Applications Packaged in Multiple Formats - All applications packaged in multiple deployable formats and integrated with ITSM and software deployment software for auto deployment of applications
  • Optimize Printer Fleet - Managed print services provide a way to optimize the printer fleet and use printer services in a more sustainable way

What We Offer

FLEX Assist

Modernized assistance with Personalized and proactive services for best user experience.

More than 3000 resources interacting in over 42 languages performing intelligent, complex activities focused on resolution at the first instance compassionately. Resources spread across the world to comply with any of your geo specific regulatory laws leveraging up to 40% reduction in operating cost and up to 40 % volume reduction across industries.


  • Remote Support - Modernized service desk with personalized and proactive services, built on AI, ML and XR for a superior user experience
  • Tech Bars - Conveniently located Tech Bars and manned by trained engineers, assisting employees with hands on support and aiding in organization change management (OCM) for newer technologies
  • Friendly Onsite Support - We provide onsite technicians for dedicated support at client locations globally, leveraging smart routing to deliver uberized experience
  • Plex Dock - Improving business productivity through quick, secure swapping, loaning, and exchanging broken machines with an evergreen (updated) machine

What We Offer

FLEX Collaborate

This assist client with collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace; enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS); or business applications, like Salesforce or Workday.

We work towards establishing a culture of collaboration and creativity in client workplaces aiming a higher employee productivity. SaaS is now a major delivery model for many applications, and we have developed capabilities to provide end-user support for mainstream cloud applications. Leveraging automation and our expertise in enterprise mobility and security solutions, to enable the migration of users, sites and content to cloud-based collaboration solutions that includes Office 365, Google Workspace and Cisco, while ensuring security for the enterprise workforce. We help empower enterprises to collaborate anywhere, at any time and on any device.

  • User Experience - The user experience is at the heart of Digital Workplace measured using true data driven insights through our employee experience index and continuous improvement.
  • Access to CoE- Access to the center of excellence for upscaling to drive continuous innovation and transformation for projects
  • Remote Work Focus - Focus on remote worker be it by choice or way forward considering the current situation, our services ensure productivity anywhere.
  • Productivity - Collaborate services and tools adding to user productivity
  • Cost Optimization - Collaborate service has been helping clients in cost optimization via off-the-shelf automation, zero touch provisioning across delivery to drive committed saving and right-shore delivery model to use off-shore and shared services.



What We Offer

FLEX Secure

Workplace security delivers all wide array of services that are tightly integrated with enterprise security standards and compliances.

Workplace security by Tech Mahindra is designed to deliver enterprise class security using standard and enhanced practices of security framework for workspace users, devices, application, and data. Workplace security delivers all wide array of services that are tightly integrated with enterprise security standards and compliances. The solution is built upon the zero-trust framework and ensures that the devices, network, and the data is secured and at the same time transparently available to the authenticated end user.



What We Offer


Tech Mahindra’s FLEX eXM aims to capture, measure, report and improve users end to end experience by tracing and tracking all the digital touch points and telemetry data.

Tech Mahindra’s FLEX eXM aims to capture, measure, report and improve users end to end experience by tracing and tracking all the digital touch points and telemetry data, ensuring an agile environment is presented to the user and continuous and real time changes are made to the estate.


  • Tech Mahindra defines eXperience level agreements, as a set of metrics that aims to measure user experience across the board.
  • Bringing real-time analytics, insights, and ability to quickly act on the findings in the digital workplace
  • Proactive user experience management focused on user experience and real-time visibility, across the enterprise


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