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Performance Engineering

Performance engineering encompasses the set of roles, skills, activities, practices, tools and deliverables applied at every phase of the systems development life cycle which ensures that a solution will be designed, implemented, and operationally supported to meet the non-functional performance requirements.

Tech Mahindra has a dedicated competency team with a lab for performance testing services. We use open source tools combined with leading commercial performance testing tools for cost optimization.

  • Performance assessment and tuning support
  • Application code (online and batch) enhancement and optimization
  • Data model refactoring and database performance optimization
  • Capacity planning and infrastructure optimization
  • High-performance computing using grid and virtualization
  • MIPS optimization
  • Performance feasibility analysis, modeling and benchmarking
  • Performance Analysis Framework for Architecture, Design assessment and optimization
  • Standard Performance Modeling Methodology
    • Identify high-level use cases
    • Run dynamic tests on transactions
    • Identify transactions with poor performance
    • Analyze the application source code
    • Identify violations of best practices
    • Fix the violations and re-test/repeat
  • Optimize provisioning and utilization of infrastructure
  • Architecture assessment Review checklists and Templates
  • Performance Design checklists
  • Tools for load testing, identifying performance bottlenecks and bad code
  • Performance Monitoring/Tuning Tools: JRockit, Visual VM, Visual GC, Yourkit and other home developed python, shell and UNIX scripts
  • NF Stub Framework: A cost effective stub framework to complete E2E journeys, Configurable, multi - protocol & scalable NF stubs
  • iPerform APM: An Integrated Application Performance Monitoring framework, tailored modules to cost effectively address production performance and capacity monitoring needs.
  • Proven frameworks and use of open source tools for cost effective solutions
  • Checklists to aid in meeting customer expectations by resolving performance and scalability issues proactively
  • Significant improvement from return on existing investments by improving application performance
  • Reduce risk, improve cost effectiveness and time to market for mission and business critical systems
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