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Accessing a Sustainable Future

Our solution gives a 360-degree view of corporate environmental impact to help measure and manage carbon footprint and transparently report investor-grade climate data.


Business Challenge

Breaking Down Data Barriers
  • Lack of a unified platform to capture, calculate and analyze data.
  • Siloed data
  • Missing / contaminated data
  • Lack of supplier emission data
  • Time consuming and cumbersome

Driving Sustainability with Our Net Zero Cloud Solutions

This solution does away with the time consuming, complex, and cumbersome tasks of collecting and validating data from numerous siloed sources, doing tedious calculations

  • Mobile friendly
  • Preloaded reference data sets for automatic calculations
  • Carbon footprint calculation at regular intervals
  • Missing data or variance notification
  • Tracking and monitoring progress towards goals
  • Possible to Integrate with IoTs for real time notification and alerts
  • Ease in exporting data for reporting to various standards

Ensuring Efficient management and Reporting with Enhanced Features

Carbon Footprint Tracking

Single platform for tracking Carbon footprint

Goal Tracking

Track goals using a built-in module that is in line with the Science Based Targets initiative 

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Data Management

  • Waste data management
  • Water data management

Real-Time Scenarios

Perform scenario planning in real time 

Data Dashboards

Data driven dashboards

Realizing Greater Impact

Reduced time and effort in tracking Carbon footprint
Take sustainability action in real time
Transparency with stakeholders
Improve brand image
Improve sustainability ratings
Regulatory compliance

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