100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality by 2020
30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen by 2020
20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps by 2019
Algorithms will positively alter the behavior of over 1 billion global workers by 2020

In the CX community, 2016 had been termed as the ‘Year of Feeling’. 2017 is being touted as the ‘Year of Purpose’. Feeling or purpose, whatever the flavor of the season, we believe the long term will be won by those who bring together disparate instruments of experience into an experience symphony. Building an app, modernizing the e-commerce storefront or implementing a chatbot in isolation will only take enterprises so far. The journey to a truly singular and seamless experience will come from looking at the pieces as part of the whole and orchestrating each piece to talk to the whole.more

Insights from ‘experience stations’ have to be constantly streamed to designers who are building the experiences. The process becomes more personalized and relevant over time with analytics and automation across channels – and this pattern continues, constantly raising the CX quotient. But that is just one dimension of the complexity. The other dimension is that these experiences must straddle an ever-increasing mix of technologies. They must be equally facile on wire and air, and equally immersive on screen and AR/VR. Experiences and intentions must come together with delivery channels. So the store talks to the contact center, the product talks to the app, and the channel talks to the context – orchestrated to perfection across the physical, digital and convergent worlds


CX consulting expertise to THINK ahead and turn insights from our analytics and AI engines into business and market strategy

DESIGN memorable product experiences with Pininfarina across banking, retail, consumer goods and automotive industries

Create digital experiences with the Bio Agency that ATTRACT your customers

Proven expertise in enabling users to TRANSACT seamlessly using digital commerce, technology and channel integration as well as AR/VR

CARE for customers from listening to delighting using the CareXa platform


Experience might be all about the heart, but it begins with the mind. Thinking deeply to unravel the depth of the intersection between customer needs, industry trends, adjacencies and distribution channels is the first step to a winning strategy. This must be done across the value chain, from discovering the product to buying and using it to getting support. Customer delight has to be built into every possible touchpoint.

Tech Mahindra brings its consulting prowess and domain expertise to guide you through this exercise. We combine insights from market research and analytics to re-imagine customer experience. Customer journey maps outline the customer’s path and link it to the outcome metrics to ensure success that can be measured. When you think early in the process and think big, it’s easier to not just design great experiences, but sustain them over market disruptions and ever-changing expectations.

Tech Mahindra is positioned to design and deliver digital strategies for customer experience across sales, service and marketing, enabled by process orchestration and powered by user experience.

  • Design Experiences

  • Digital Experiences

  • Convergent Experiences

With Purity, Elegance, Innovation at the heart of every initiative, Pininfarina, the 87-year-old, legendary Italian firm focuses on design, engineering services, conception and manufacturing of products that impact our lives. As Digital Change Agents, The BIO Agency (a Tech Mahindra Company) offers consulting across digital strategy, service design, e-commerce solutions, digital retail, connected products, and product & service innovation. Tech Mahindra is driven to elevate businesses into the convergent realm of experiencing singularity using DAVID – our transformation approach for Digitalisation, Automation, Verticalisation, Innovation, and Disruption.


Simple designs are great, but great design is not simple. Product design and service design need great tools and greater craftsmen. Tech Mahindra, along with The BIO Agency and Pininfarina come together to create customer experiences across the digital, physical and convergent worlds.

Designing a product or service – whether it’s a coffee machine or an e-commerce website – is just one part of the story. The design needs to be validated with the customer’s core thoughts and the process needs to be open for constant feedback, which can then be acted upon. Designs and product prototypes need to be built in an iterative, demonstrable fashion to open the channels for constant feedback. For products that are engineering-heavy, Tech Mahindra’s expertise with devices, network, OSS, BSS, integration and orchestration can be leveraged for accelerating time-to-market.

From user experience to product lifecycle management, from incubation to execution, from complex engineering needs to building digital utilities, our capabilities are comprehensive as an end-to-end design partner.

Product strategy

  • Customer research

  • Concept & validation Prototyping


The operative word in customer experience is ‘customer’— their thoughts, their ideas and their experiences. And the real question is how does one keep that sacred entity at the center and build the rest around it? Yes, you need a great brand and marketing strategy. But it's more than just that. You also need smart marketing platforms to implement them on. And then you need to launch multiple channels requiring complex channel integration. Having all this is no good unless you deliver; and so you deliver campaigns. That needs a campaign execution engine. And you better have the capability to push personalized media on these channels. By the time you have done all this, you have enough data to tell you what is not working. So you now take a second pass, and then a third. It feels like being on a mousewheel.

Tech Mahindra to the rescue. With our Socio platform and deep expertise across marketing and commerce platforms, Tech Mahindra can get an engagement assembly line up and running fast enough to convert prospects to customers.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise to attract, engage and convert customers is augmented with our AI and analytics skills, to make each customer interaction more effective.

Brand / Marketing strategy

  • Analytics driven
    business insights

  • Marketing

  • Channel

  • Campaign

  • Media and personalized


When customers transact on your platforms, the rubber meets the road. The smallest slip could mean hard-earned trust blown away and a direct impact on the revenue. With a constant increase in touchpoints across myriad distribution channels, both physical and virtual, ensuring that all these encounters happen flawlessly requires an incredibly robust ecosystem — one that is built to be robust and enterprise-grade, and yet is nimble and agile enough to be wired for change. One that can handle large volumes while providing customers with a feather-light experience. And one that can deliver equally meaningful experiences – whether it’s in the store, on a smartwatch, or inside a virtual reality headset.

With commerce orchestration being the need of the hour, Tech Mahindra is geared to craft the difference. Decades of experience in building infrastructures for CX initiatives and enabling customers with commerce, IOT, integration, middleware, content management, and business process automation means that we can make the whole journey to integrated commerce easy and less formidable. With platforms like Tactix, we take commerce to smarter realms – using artificial intelligence to augment omni-channel experiences for your customers.

Platform performance must come together with data prescience, and channel-independence with customer-stickiness to make the transaction experience seamless. Tech Mahindra glues it all together for you at every stage of digital commerce.

Product / service discovery

  • Analytics

  • Purchase

  • Payment

  • Checkout


When organizations care about employees and customers alike, magic happens. Empowered employees take customer care to new levels and internet customers become ‘net promoters’. When data-driven insights are added to these outcomes, you truly attain CX nirvana.

Tech Mahindra’s CareXa platform is built on exactly these principles. It distills our decades of experience in the business process management industry into a customer management framework that helps improve experience, generates more value and reduces total cost of ownership for contact centers. CareXa can be deployed in a modular way across all customer interactions, from acquisition to in-life management to retention to win-back. Why tangle with disjointed interactions across channels when you can manage customers on a connected platform and navigate an increasingly digital landscape to increase revenue and ARPU, reduce operating expenses, arrest churn, and increase brand advocacy?

In addition to our purpose-built CareXa platform, we have next-generation solutions that bring together process management knowledge and experience-centered customer care to deliver experiences across the customer lifecycle – from listening to delighting.

Product / service discovery

  • Omni-channel

  • Bots

  • Self-service

  • Workflows

  • Knowledge

  • Analytics

As organizations look for the blend of design, technology and integration that merges the virtual and the real, Tech Mahindra’s expertise hovers at the forefront of the revolution, helping clients build the experiences that differentiate them to their customers.
Managing 5000 real-time aviation parameters to improve operational efficiency and decision making for Tier 1 aircraft manufacturer
Transforming UK’s leading bike retailer to achieve 100 million GBP turnover through online sales
Designing a real-time aviation system for a Tier-1 aircraft manufacturer

One of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers needed an integrated digital real-time monitoring system. This required an amalgamation of industry, technology and design-thinking experience. Tech Mahindra used its ‘digital pillars’, creating a cutting-edge product and a compelling experience. We leveraged our AHMS platform, a state-of-the-art, multi-tenant, scalable, cloud-based solution built on an architecture that blends IoT, big data and analytics. more

The solution provides a seamless aircraft management experience. The on-board system aggregates data from avionics, flight controls, fly-by-wire, landing gear, braking systems, environmental control systems, thrust reversers, engines, electrical system and APUs to feed ground control systems for reliable analysis towards operational decisions. Insights through integration of eLogbook, Reliability, Procurement, Flight Scheduling, Technical Publications and APA have resulted in significant benefits - 25-30% improvement in dispatch reliability, 20-25% improvement in aircraft availability and 10% effort-reduction in maintaining and analyzing flight data. Tech Mahindra’s AHMS-as-a-Service offering makes such operational benefits commonplace.

Starting a digital revolution for UK’s largest bike retailer

The largest bike retailer in UK came to BIO Agency (Tech Mahindra’s digital change agency) seeking a long-term digital and strategic vision for the business, requiring actionable, on-the-ground improvements to boost sales, create loyalty and deliver on key metrics. BIO infused the project with a spirit of innovation and creativity, with a core strategy around creating a digital revolution. The online footprint of the company was transformed, propelling an omni-channel experience built around the customer. more

BIO employed their 'Change Today, Change Tomorrow' methodology - immediate results towards strategic goals. A redesign of the e-commerce site increased interactivity, halved checkout time and introduced engaging video content. A test-and-learn approach tried-out new technology in the stores, aiming to fuse the brick-and-mortar experience with the online journey. The results were very satisfactory, with significant upside in sales figures and web traffic. A whopping increase of GBP 100M in online sales underscores the success of our transformation efforts.

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