Accelerating Digital Transformation through Intelligent Automation
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Demystifying Digitization

Tech Mahindra’s award winning Pega technology practice has delivered transformation success to customers across industries worldwide. With our deep and vast expertise around Pega Robotics , BPM, Pega Marketing and CRM – we enable innovation focus, strong business understanding and solution accelerators across key industries such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Automotive, Telecommunication and Public Services.

Excellence in Pega Application and Delivery
Exceptional Track Record of Joint Solutioning with Pega
Pre-Built Solution Platforms and Pega Accelerators
Focus on Pega Strategic Apps and Internal Enablement for Success
Proven Scalability for Strategic Customer Initiatives
Experience in Setting-up and Operationalizing COE’s for Customers
Competency and Expertise

Pega COE & Industry Accelerator


Number of Consultants


Successful Projects Delivered


Years of Experience

Pega Capabilities

Pega® Platform, Pega® Marketing, Pega® Customer Service, Pega® Mobility and Pega® Robotics

Industry Solutions

  • BFSI
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • M&E
  • Hi-Tech
  • E&U

Tech Mahindra is the chosen digital transformation partner for some of the largest banks globally. We provide solutions based on Connected Services, Connected Operations & Connected Business Models.

  • Key Solutions
  • Customer smart boarding
  • Collections processing system
  • CRM with next best action
  • Predicate delinquency management

Tech Mahindra is the chosen digital transformation partner for major insurance companies globally. Our solutions drive profitable growth by harnessing the power of data& redefined customer experiences

  • Key Solutions
  • Intelliclaims
  • Zero-touch underwriting

Tech Mahindra's new generation solutions addresses the evolving requirements of the Telecom industry, to achieve strategic advantages at key moments of the customer lifecycle.

  • Key Solutions
  • Ordervu
  • Customer onboarding

Tech Mahindra provides healthcare solutions based on Connected Care, Connected Products and Connected Experiences. Through automation, our custom solutions help boost operational agility& reduce costs

  • Key Solutions
  • Provider onboarding
  • Group enrollment
  • Group sales automation
  • Pharma co-vigilance

Tech M's manufacturing solutions target problems across the product lifecycle- from new product introductions, order management, field service & warranty management to overall connected experiences.

  • Key Solutions
  • New product introduction
  • Order management
  • Connected service experience

With the right mix of technology and domain acumen, we have successfully delivered services and solutions to customers across the film, gaming, sports, publishing and information segments.

  • Key Solutions
  • Digital Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Loyalty Enhancement
  • Social Media for a Smarter Enterprise

Tech Mahindra has developed and implemented custom-made solutions that have transformed the hi-tech industry. Our focus is on Operational Excellence, Customer Experience and Time to Market

  • Key Solutions
  • Integrated Warranty Management
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Order Management Solution

Tech M has developed& implemented solutions based on our custom-made proprietary NMACS(Network, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud & Security)framework that has transformed the Energy & Utilities industry.

  • Key Solutions
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • MARSHAL- Managing Aquatic Resources for SHALe
  • Well Tracking System (WTS)

Technology Innovation

Customer Data Connector for Pega Platform/NBA

Tech Mahindra’s Pega-based Decision Management application presents a 360-degree view of the customer, complete with sophisticated analytics, delivering high value and memorable experiences.

Pega DPA + Blockchain

The digital solution enables seamless alignment of people, systems and products through a business process driven digital ecosystem, opening up transformational opportunities across industries.

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Pega IoT Value Chain

The Connected Service Experience enables the processing of big data collected by connected devices, thus using it to provide the right action to the right stakeholder at the right time.

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Dynamic personalization for Seamless CX

Powered by Pega platform along with integrations to Adobe and Quaero CDP, The Digital Customer is an innovative approach to executing omni-channel customer journeys, while delivering seamless personalized experiences.

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Across industries, as companies restart or accelerate business operations, there are unprecedented obligations to address. Organizations such as WHO , OSHA and CDC and have issued safety measures and compliance requirements that vary by location. These large-scale requirements cannot be effectively managed with spreadsheets and emails. Tech Mahindra and Pega’s SafeOps Solution offers businesses a way to rapidly solve their challenges while also helping set the foundation for future innovation.

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Tech Mahindra’s AftEAZE solution powered by Pegasystems manages the lifecycle of aftermarket operations and extended after-sales service. AftEAZE delivers a customizable and modular solution to kick-start and accelerate your journey towards a state of the art, future-ready aftermarket support system, and provides intelligent post-sales service at the right time and at reduced costs.

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New Age Delivery

The #NAD platform is designed with six independent PoDs that interact with each other using AI and analytics. The PoDs work like a federation of empowered business units. This design supports PoD-specific digital market places and specialized ecosystem partners for each PoD, while maintaining an unbroken and continuous delivery model, based on the in-built Point of Delivery (PoD) approach.

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Everything you Need to Know

Awards & Recognitions

Winner of ISG Case Study Awards

Tech Mahindra wins ISG Case Study Award for Standout in Banking and Financial Services

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Industry Excellence Award 2021

Tech Mahindra wins Industry Excellence Award from Pega at Pegaworld Inspire

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Excellence in Digital Transformation 2020

Tech Mahindra wins Pega Partner Award for Excellence in Digital Transformation at Pegaworld Inspire

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March 12, 2019
Business Transformation Award

Tech M wins Business Transformation Award for implementing Pega solution for Auto Major at Pegaworld

March 12, 2019
Partner Excellence Award

Tech Mahindra bags “Best Sell With for Customer Success in Manufacturing” Award at PegaWorld

March 12, 2019
Thought Leadership Partner Award

Pegasystems awards Tech M for excellence & value demonstrated in business transformation engagements


  • Latest News
Tech Mahindra collaborates with Pega and Samsung SDS

SamsungSDS announces collaboration with TechM& Pega to launch blockchain-based traceability solution

Tech Mahindra sponsors ENG Automotive Warranty Management Summit

Tech Mahindra was the Silver Sponsor at ENG’s 3rd Annual Automotive Warranty Management conference

Tech Mahindra sponsors Pega’s Customer Engagement Summit, Detroit

Pega's annual Detroit-based roadshow, brings our most transformative Pega stories on the road

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